A Guide To Deter Values/Individual Values (DVs/IVs) - By Bass

DVs (in Gen 2), otherwise known as IVs (from Gen 3 and onward) are values given to each Pokemon's stat at the moment it's obtained. IVs are unchangeable throughout the Pokemon's growth. Here's how IVs work: A Pokemon with an Atk IV of 20 at lvl 100 will have an Atk stat of 20 more than a Pokemon with an Atk IV of 0 at lvl 100. In short, IV = final increase at lvl 100. This growth is applied to all the stats for each IV. (The IVs are not the same for all stats, however.)

IVs can't be lower than 0, or higher than 31. The higher the IV, the better the stat. In Gen 2, DVs were very similar, except they ran from 0 to 15, and they corresponded to +2 for each numeral the DV increased (instead of 1, so the above example would instead correspond to a Pokemon with an Atk DV of 10 versus one with an Atk DV of 0). It also related to the Pokemon's gender and gender ratio; for a Pokemon with a 50-50 gender ratio, females would have an Atk DV between 0 and 7, and males would have one between 8 and 15. For Pokemon like the starters who had 87.5-12.5 gender ratio, females would have an Atk DV of 0 or 1, so that would be more detrimental. (Pokemon that are exclusively of one gender or are genderless are not affected by this, and in Gen 3, when IVs replaced DVs, the Attack IV was completely independent of the gender value.)

The move Hidden Power is determined by IV values, and IVs are also passed on through breeding (but I will not discuss that now). If you want to find out a Pokemon's Hidden Power, and if you know all of its IVs (or DVs), you can find a Hidden Power calculator on most of the large Pokemon sites.

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