Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 1

Hello. I am Bass, and I am here to present to you this walkthrough for Pokemon Emerald. If you’ve played Ruby/Sapphire, you’ll notice that there are quite a few differences in Emerald such as slightly altered protagonist outfits, and now both Team Magma and Aqua are in the game, each with their logo popping up when you engage them in battle! Emerald is a fun game to play, so hold on tight; there’s a lot of ground to cover!

For those of you familiar with Pokemon, there will be little need to explain the controls. For those playing Pokemon for the first time, or for those getting reacquainted with it, here are the controls.

The + D-pad is used to move your character in the field, and to move the cursor through menus.
A is to talk to people in the field, or confirm selections in menus.
B is to cancel selections in menus. After obtaining the Running Shoes, you can hold down B in the field to run instead of walk.
Start is to open or close the main menu in the field. (In a battle, it has no effect.)
Select is to use an item in the Key Items pocket of your bag that you’ve registered beforehand. (Usually, the most common item registered is the Bicycle.) In battle, you can use Select to exchange the position of your Pokemon’s moves (i.e. control where you select them in the box). (However, you can also do this on the normal Pokemon menu outside of battle with the A button.)
L and R have no use on their own, but their use is configured with the options menu. The default function is nothing, but there are two other options that can be set: You can use the L and R buttons to navigate through places such as your Pokemon boxes or your bag pockets; or you can have the L button perform the same function as the A button (in this case, the R button will do nothing).

When you open the main menu with Start (this is after you’ve set up your character), there are seven options:

~Pokedex: View information on Pokemon you have seen or caught.
~Pokemon: View information on your current party members.
~Bag: View the items in your bag. The bag is subdivided into 5 pockets for convenience: Items, Poke Ball, Berries, TMs/HMs, and Key Items. Key Items can be registered for quick use (once an item has been registered, you can activate it in the field simply by hitting Select).
~Trainer: This menu has the name that you chose for yourself (or will choose for yourself, in just a minute). This views your trainer card and shows your playtime, badges collected, Pokemon caught, and other tidbits. The trainer card has two sides; hit A to flip it over. Much later in the game, you’ll get the Frontier Pass, which gives you a few more options to select.
~Save: Use this to save your current progress in the game thus far. Turning your GBA or DS after you save will leave you at the last point you saved. WARNING: If you turn your GBA or DS off without saving, you’ll lose all unsaved progress that you’ve made. Always make sure to save your game before stopping play!
~Options: Select the various game options, including text speed, textbox outlines, and other options. ‘Cancel’ leaves the menu without any saved changes; hitting B will leave the menu and save your changes. (This isn’t the same as the Save option though; it only pertains to the Options menu.)
~Exit: Close the main menu. Alternatively, you can just hit Start again to close the menu.

Now that you have a feel for the controls, we’ll get right into the game, shall we?

When you hit “New Game”, you’ll be shown a brief intro, and then asked to enter your name and gender. I myself will be playing as a male, name of “Bass”. You will then hop out of a moving truck into Littleroot Town (the boy’s house is on the left of town, and the girl’s is on the right). The other building is Professor Birch’s Lab (which will be important later). You’ll head up to your room, which has a computer for you to store your items in (which can be accessed at any Pokemon Center). The computer has a Potion stored already, so you may want to withdraw it. Your room also has a map of Hoenn and a clock (which you will need to set).
After you’ve set your clock, you’ll need to go next door to where Professor Birch (and his son or daughter, your rival) lives. Head upstairs and attempt to take the Poke Ball on the ground, and then May/Brendan will appear and introduce him/herself. (If you picked the male character, May will appear; if you picked the female character, Brendan will appear.) After that, head north to Route 101 where you will see Prof. Birch being harassed. There’s a bag with 3 Pokemon in it, the Hoenn Starters:

treecko torchic Mudkip

Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip

Mudkip: For beginners.
Torchic: For intermediate players.
Treecko: For experts.

I myself will by using a Mudkip because 1) I heard you like them, and 2) I’ve picked Treecko every time and needed a change of pace when writing this walkthrough.

Pick your preferred starter and engage the Zigzagoon in battle, and defeat it. When you do, Birch will show his gratitude by letting you keep the Pokemon you picked. Hooray!

Birch will then ask you to go seek out May/Brendan. S/he is on Route 103, so head north out of Littleroot. Route 101 has easy Pokemon like Wurmple and Zigzagoon, good early additions, but you have no Poke Balls yet, so keep walking north.

Oldale comes up next. A guy there will give you a Potion if you talk to him, so snatch it before heading north again. On Route 103 you will run into your rival, who will challenge you, so watch out! S/he will use the starter Pokemon that is the type of your weakness (e.g. if you picked Torchic, s/he will use Mudkip) at level 5. Though it is your first battle, be wary and keep your Potions on hand.

brendan may

Pkmn Trainer May/Brendan – Starter lv. 5, gives $300

After you battle it out, May/Brendan will begin to head back to Prof. Birch’s lab. Follow suit and head south (use the ledges to avoid wild Pokemon). Once you’re at the Lab, you will be presented with a Pokedex, and 5 Poke Balls. Also, your mom will give you the Running Shoes, and you’ll be able to heal your team by talking to her from now on. Congrats; you’re on your way to becoming a trainer!