Pokémon Friendship Guide - By PiplupFan

I'm going to tell you all about a Pokemon's Friendship, why its important, give you a list of Pokemon to that evolve by friendship, the different conditions, and some tips. Lets get started.

A Pokemon's Friendship.

A Pokemon's Friendship is the bond between a trainer and their Pokemon. This is measured by the happiest of a Pokemon to you, the trainer. You may be asking, why is this important in the games? Because some Pokemon evolve by friendship, and some Pokemon's attacks strength, like Return, are measured in strength by friendship. Friendship is an important key to victory.

The Different Friendship Evolution Conditions.

There are a total of 15 Pokemon that evolve by friendship or happiness, they both mean the same thing. Some evolve by friendship at a certain time of day, or a certain level of friendship is needed.

Pokemon That Evolve By Friendship, And Conditions.

This a list of Pokemon that evolve by friendship and the conditions.

Golbat into Crobat - high friendship
Chansey into Blissey - high friendship
Eevee into Espeon - high friendship [day]
Eevee into Umbreon - high friendship [night]
Pichu into Pikachu - high friendship
Cleffa into Clefairy - high friendship
Iggluybuff into Jigglypuff - high friendship
Togepi into Togetic - high friendship
Azurill into Marill - high friendship
Budew into Roselia - high friendship [day]
Buneary into Lopunny - high friendship
Chingling into Chimecho - high friendship [night]
Munchlax into Snorlax - high friendship
Riolu into Lurcaio - high friendship [day]

Ways To Check Friendship, And The Scale.

There are a few ways to get your friendship to a Pokemon rated. One is to go to a Happiness rater. The HG/SS Happiness rater is found in Goldenrod City, in the house northeast of the bike shop. Also, some raters may give you items depending on the strength of a Pokemon's friendship to you.

Goldenrod Department Store, Sundays only, gives away one of either TM27 (Return) (happiness above 150) or TM21 (Frustration) (happiness below 100) weekly.

The scale for that is below, just watch the sentence the happiness rater says:

"It looks really happy! It must love you a lot." 250-255
"I get the feeling that it really trusts you." 200-249
"It's friendly toward you. It looks sort of happy." 150-199
"It's quite cute."100-149
"You should treat it better. It's not used to you." 50-99
"It doesn't seem to like you at all. It looks mean." 0-49

Another way is to talk to the Pokemon following you around in HG/SS.

6 Easy Tips For Leveling Up Your Friendship.

Here are 6 easy tips for leveling up your Pokemon's friendship.

1. Let it follow you around.

In HG/SS the Pokemon in the front of the party, can walk around behind you, this helps up the Pokemon's friendship. Why? Because the Pokemon is spending time with you and the Pokemon will enjoy that and its friendship towards you will grow.

2. Give it a certain item.

Certain items will help up the friendship of a Pokemon. Ones like, Zinc, Calcuim, Hp Up, Protien, Carbos, and Iron, raise a Pokemon's EV stat and friendship level. Or use a Soothe Bell, an item that makes the Pokemon holding it, friendlier to you. Lastly, be warned, some items may lower a Pokemon's friendship.

3. Feed it berries.

Some berries also help to up a Pokemon's friendship. The berries are Pogmeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tamato. But while these berries raise friendship, they also lower a Pokemon's EV stat, a very small price for getting a Pokemon's friendship level up.

4. Don't let it faint.

When a Pokemon faints, its friendship level goes down. So if your Pokemon, say Pichu, is a low level. Train it against low level wilds intill it is ready for ready battles against trainers. Or in a wild/trainer battle switch it out with another Pokemon in your team. Pichu will still gain EXP, as long as it has been in the battle. If Pichu has little hp left and is in danger of fainting, use a healing item like a Potion or go to the Pokemon Center.

5. Use an EXP Share.

An EXP Share, as most Pokemon fans know, allows the Pokemon holding the EXP Share to gain exp points, without having to be in the battle.

6. The Haircut brothers.

In HG/SS you can go to the Haircut brothers. The younger of the Haircut brothers is cheaper at $300, but his service is less satisfactory. However, he does have a chance of occasionally increasing a Pokémon's friendship to a greater level than the older brother is able. The older brother is more reliable but you have to pay him $500.

Summing It All Up, And The Key:

There you have it above, Pokemon that evolve by friendship, the conditions, why friendship is important, and 6 easy tips to up a Pokemon's friendship, along with how you can check your level of friendship to a Pokemon. I hope this guide helps you to evolve Pokemon by friendship. One last thing, always remember, the most important key to getting a Pokemon to evolve by friendship is to be patient. It can take time, but its well worth it in the end when you get a cool Pokemon like Togekiss or Lucario!