Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - Part 1

Welcome to this walkthrough of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. I am your guide in this walkthrough, Aero Blitz. The first thing you probably already know is this game is a remake of the classic games Red and Blue, which are the games that started of this long series of role playing games.

I will be playing through FireRed, and as such I will be sure to point out what Pokemon are version exclusives as we reach their locations. I will also only be giving information of the trainers you have to battle, and the trainers located in the gyms

Many of you, I’m sure, who have played a Pokemon game before know the controls, but I shall explain them anyway.

- The D-pad is used to move your character in the field, and to move the cursor through menus.
- The A button is used to talk to people in the field, or confirm selections in menus.
- The B button is used to cancel selections in menus. After obtaining the Running Shoes, you can hold down B in the field to run instead of walk.
- The Start button is to open or close the main menu in the field. (In a battle, it has no effect.)
- The Select button is to use an item in the Key Items pocket of your bag that you’ve registered beforehand. (Usually, the most common item registered is the Bicycle.) In battle, you can use Select to exchange the position of your Pokémon’s moves (i.e. control where you select them in the box). (However, you can also do this on the normal Pokemon menu outside of battle with the A button.)
- The L and R button bring up a help menu with useful topics, so consult that if you have questions about controls, and the like.

When you open the main menu with Start, after you’ve set up your character, there are several options available for you.

- Pokedex: View information on Pokemon you have seen or caught.
- Pokemon: View information on your current party members.
- Bag: View the items in your bag. The bag is subdivided into 5 pockets for convenience: Items, Poke Ball, Berries, TMs/HMs, and Key Items. Key Items can be registered for quick use (once an item has been registered, you can activate it in the field simply by hitting Select).
- Trainer: This menu has the name that you chose for yourself. Selecting this opens your Trainer Card, and shows your playtime, badges collected, Pokemon caught, and other tidbits. The trainer card has two sides; hit A to flip it over, and you will see some other bits of information. After beating the Elite Four, it will display your Hall of Fame depute.
- Save: Use this to save your current progress in the game thus far. Turning your GBA or DS after you save will leave you at the last point you saved. WARNING: If you turn your GBA or DS off without saving, you’ll lose all unsaved progress that you’ve made. Always make sure to save your game before stopping play!
- Options: Select the various game options, including text speed, textbox outlines, and other options. – ‘Cancel’ leaves the menu without any saved changes; hitting B will leave the menu and save your changes. (This isn’t the same as the Save option though; it only pertains to the Options menu.)
- Exit: Close the main menu. Alternatively, you can just hit Start again to close the menu.

Now that we have finished with the controls, time to jump into the game, let’s go!