GIMP - How To Make A Border - By Aero Blitz

Welcome, my name is Aero Blitz. Today, I will be showing you how to add a border to images you make in GIMP. Let's get started.

First off, make sure you have the 'Toolbox', and 'Layer' windows open. Below you'll find a picture of each, and how to open them if they are not already opened. I will be referring back to these images several times in this guide.

Second, on the toolbox window; make sure the two squares in the middle of the toolbox (the black and white squares in this picture), are black on top, and white underneath. So it should look like the picture.

'Windows > Layers'

'Windows > Toolbox' (Shortcut: Ctrl+B)

So now that all that is done, we shall start off out process. Once you get the hang of this, this will not seem anywhere as long.

Step 1: Open a new layer (either going to 'Layer > New Layer' or clicking the white paper like button on the layer window).

Step 2: Select the whole image, by going to ,'Select > All' or 'right click Select > All'.

Step 3: Now we shall start making the border. Go to 'Edit > Stroke Selection' and click on that. A window will come up, make sure the 'Solid Color' option is selected, and the number in 'Stroke Line' is 6.0 px. Now press the 'Stroke' button. the first part of your border is done!

Step 4: Go to the toolbox, and reverse the colors, so that the white square is on top, do this by clicking the little white arrows right next to the two squares. Now go back to the 'Stroke Selection' menu, this time change the 'Stroke Line' number is 4.0 px, and press 'stroke'. Only two more steps to go!

Step 5: Change the squares once more, black on top of white. Go to the 'Stroke Selection' menu once more, change the number of the 'Stroke Line' to 2.0 px, and press 'Stroke'. now the border is finished! Just one simple Step 6 and you are done.

Step 6: Make sure the new layer is on-top of all the other layers. Click on the layer that has the border, and at the top of the layers panel, there is a dropdown box that says 'Mode', change this to 'Overlay'.

Congratulations! Your border is all finished! now just save your image, and upload it to whatever. Hope you were able to follow this and make it successfully. If you have any questions about this guide, send me a private message on the forums or catch me in the chatbox.

Thank you for reading this guide, and *hopefully* learning how to make a border in GIMP!

~ Aero Blitz

(C) Aero Blitz, 2010