Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Extras

[Please note: Currently, the Special section is INCOMPLETE. It contains most information relevant to the part of the game it refers to, but some information is still lacking.

The following information is missing from the Special section:
Gym Leader rematches, Emerald cloning glitch]

The Special section of the walkthrough contains numerous sidequests that are not exactly part of the main storyline. However, they are all incredibly useful and significant sidequests, and they are all contained here in an extra part of the walkthrough.

Trick House

The Trick House is a special little attraction in Hoenn, being right near the southern exit of Route 110. These are puzzles that can’t just be won by brute force alone (although there are trainers inside each one), but you will need to think of your path to the exit. There are 8 puzzles in all, with each new one becoming available with each new badge you get. You can only do each maze once, so get all the items and beat all the trainers inside before leaving. Many of the items in these mazes are one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else!

Each time you enter the Trick House, you must find the Trick Master in the opening room (after you find out you’re being watched, look for the twinkle in the room – if you don’t find one or didn’t see it, just test all the furniture and objects in the room), then go through the scroll in the back of the room. Once inside, you must find a smaller scroll, which contains a secret code required for completion of the maze (which is usually just a humorous message praising the Trick Master), then go to the exit door (which is always in the maze’s top-right corner), and claim your reward from the Trick Master. It will take both wits and strength to get through here!

Many of these mazes also require certain HMs in order to get through them. Below I’ll list the requirements for each maze, as well as what HM, or HMs, are required.

~Trick House 1: Two badges, HM Cut. Reward: Rare Candy.
~Trick House 2: Three badges, no HM. Reward: Timer Ball.
~Trick House 3: Four badges, HM Rock Smash. Reward: Hard Stone.
~Trick House 4: Five badges, HM Strength. Reward: Smoke Ball.
~Trick House 5: Six badges, no HM. Reward: TM12 (Taunt).
~Trick House 6: Seven badges, no HM. Reward: Magnet.
~Trick House 7: Eight badges, no HM. Reward: PP Max.
~Trick House 8: Beat the Champion, no HM. Reward: Red Tent or Blue Tent. (You only get one reward, but it is your choice of which to receive.)

Trick House 1

Trick House 1 items: Orange Mail
Trick House 1 trainers:
~Lass Sally: Oddish lv. 16, gives $256.
~Lass Robin: Skitty lv. 14, Shroomish lv. 14, Marill lv. 14, gives $224.
~Youngster Eddie: Zigzagoon lv. 14, Zigzagoon lv. 16, gives $256.

Trick House 2

Trick House 2 items: Wave Mail, Harbor Mail
Trick House 2 trainers:
~Schoolkid Paul: Numel lv. 15, Oddish lv. 15, Wingull lv. 15, gives $300.
~Schoolkid Ted: Ralts lv. 17, gives $340.
~Schoolkid Georgia: Shroomish lv. 16, Beautifly lv. 16, gives $320.

Trick House 3

Trick House 3 items: Shadow Mail, Wood Mail
Trick House 3 trainers:
~Camper Justin: Kecleon lv. 24, gives $384.
~Hiker Alan: Geodude lv. 22, Nosepass lv. 22, Graveler lv. 22, gives $880.
~Picnicker Martha: Skitty lv. 23, Swablu lv. 23, gives $368.

Trick House 4

Trick House 4 items: Mech Mail
Trick House 4 trainers:
~Battle Girl Cora: Meditite lv. 27, gives $648.
~Black Belt Yuji: Makuhita lv. 26, Machoke lv. 26, gives $832.
~Battle Girl Paula: Breloom lv. 27, gives $648.

Trick House 5

This Trick House is unique in that there are no items or trainers. You must answer riddles given by the Trick Master’s five Mechadolls. Unlike in Ruby/Sapphire, you do not have to engage all 5 in a row and it’s possible to get to the door even after being booted out (if you got to the scroll), but the riddles here are harder than in Ruby/Sapphire. The shape of the maze is also slightly different.

Trick House 6

Trick House 6 items: Glitter Mail
Trick House 6 trainers:
~Bird Keeper Benny: Swellow lv. 36, Pelipper lv. 36, Xatu lv. 36, gives $1152.
~Pkmn Ranger Sophia: Swablu lv. 38, Roselia lv. 38, gives $1824.
~Pkmn Ranger Sebastian: Cacturne lv. 39, gives $1872.

Trick House 7

Statement: TRICK MASTER is huggable. XD

Trick House 7 items: Tropic Mail
Trick House 7 trainers:
~Psychic Joshua: Kadabra lv. 41, Solrock lv. 41, gives $984.
~Hex Maniac Patricia: Banette lv. 41, Lunatone lv. 41, gives $984.
~Psychic Alvaro: Banette lv. 41, Kadabra lv. 41, gives $984.
~Psychic [female] Alexis: Kirlia lv. 41, Xatu lv. 41, gives $984.
~Psychic Mariela: Chimecho lv. 41, gives $984.
~Gentleman Everett: Wobbuffet lv. 41, gives $3280.

Trick House 8

Trick House 8 items: Bead Mail
Trick House 8 trainers:
~Cooltrainer Keira: Lairon lv. 45, Manectric lv. 45, gives $2160.
~Cooltrainer Vincent: Sableye lv. 44, Sharpedo lv. 44, Medicham lv. 44, gives $2112.
~Cooltrainer Leroy: Mawile lv. 46, Starmie lv. 46, gives $2208.

Sealed Chamber sidequest

The Sealed Chamber is hidden beneath Route 134, and houses an incredible ancient secret. To fully accomplish this sidequest, you will need the following moves: Surf, Dive, Dig, Flash, and Rock Smash. (Fly is also recommended.) You will also be required to have a Wailord and a Relicanth. If you wish to undertake this sidequest and do not have these moves or Pokemon, obtain them now. (Wailord evolves from Wailmer at level 40, or can be caught very rarely on Route 129 with a Super Rod. Relicanth is caught underwater in Route 124.)

To start with, head west from Pacifidlog Town and have Pokemon with Surf, Dive, and Dig in your party. Bring the Wailord and Relicanth with you also. To reach the Sealed Chamber, whenever you take the currents west, always take the current that is the furthest possible distance south. Do this for both Route 132 and 133. When you get to Route 134 you’ll be on a small shoal. Surf off of the middle of the west end of the shoal, and if done correctly, you will end up at a Dive patch. Dive underwater and follow the tunnel. At the end you will see a message written for you in Braille. If you can read Braille, then great. If you can’t, the message reads, “GO UP HERE.”, i.e. at the exact panel where the message is. (Any other panel makes you resurface back at Route 134.)

At first you may be thinking, “What is this place?” You have every right to think that. This is the Sealed Chamber, forgotten by history and lying beneath the currents. This is indeed a cave, but there are no wild Pokemon or trainers whatsoever. In the opening room of the Sealed Chamber, you will see a bunch of rocks, again, with Braille written on them. These tablets contain the Braille alphabet in the following configuration:

ABC DEF (period)
GHI JKL (comma)

Braille’s actually a very easy language to learn and remember, and it will help you because you have a lot more of it coming up ahead. There is also Braille written on the wall, and you’ll need to read this. See if you can decipher it on your own.



If you haven’t figured it out already, it reads “DIG HERE.” Go in front of the wall and have your Pokemon use Dig. A door will appear and lead you into the next room.

This room contains seven tablets, arranged in a hexagon, with the seventh being at the far end of the room. These tablets tell an interesting story about a certain Pokemon. (This actually refers to the Pokemon by the name of Registeel.) If you read the tablets from bottom to top, left to right, the story is revealed for you. Because they take a long time to translate I’ll just put all the tablets here.


The seventh tablet at the far end of the room seems to be totally unrelated. What it instructs is to put a Wailord at the front slot of your party, and a Relicanth at the back slot. (If any of you remember this sidequest from R/S, you will see the order is reversed. Well, all the puzzles in Emerald are different here.) Once you have your party so aligned, examine the tablet again. To your surprise, you will hear...THE MOVING TRUCK =O ...and the sound of three doors opening. There is nothing left to do in the Sealed Chamber...you have broken the seal.

Now, do you remember seeing a few places where you saw a large rock surrounded by six smaller ones? Well, those are the resting places of the Pokemon known informally as the ‘Regis’, and three such ruins exist in Hoenn. They each have an additional seal placed upon them that must be opened. When fought in battle, they are level 40, and each have Superpower, Ancientpower, and Curse, plus one other move that matches their type. They have an incredibly low catch rate, and are very frustrating to obtain. You may not want to catch them, but at least break the seals. You will need Surf, Rock Smash, and Flash on hand.

Regirock – Regirock, the monument of stone, lives in the Desert Ruins, in the southern edge of the desert on Route 111. The second seal placed on Regirock is written on the wall.


From the middle of the wall, step 2 tiles left, 2 tiles down, then use the move Rock Smash to open the door. Regirock is a solid defender with one of the highest Defense among all Pokemon (tied with Steelix and exceeded only by Shuckle). Whittle his HP away with Grass and Water moves. Like all Regis, it puts up one heck of a fight and is hard to catch.

Regice – The living iceberg resides in the Island Cave, on Route 105 (reach there with Surf). Its seal, thankfully, is not as tedious as it was in R/S.


Run 1 entire lap around the room perimeter, hugging the wall the entire time. (It sure beats staring for 2 minutes.) I found Regice the easiest one to capture, since it doesn’t resist False Swipe and resists less other types, but it is to Special Defense what Regirock is to Defense. However, it’s hard for him to cause much damage though.

Registeel – The steel titan rests in the Ancient Tomb on Route 120, due west of Lilycove City. Its seal is also written on the wall.


Go to the room’s exact center and use the move Flash. Registeel is the hardest of the trio to catch; it has more PP (due to Metal Claw), few weaknesses, and many resistances; unlike its two brethren, it defends equally well on both fronts.

Once the seals are broken, they stay broken. So, with these titans, you can come back at any time to capture them, but as with all legendaries, you only get one chance. You’ll need to buy a lot of Ultra Balls, and other catching tools besides to catch all three.

Sky Pillar sidequest

You may remember the Sky Pillar from your first visit, when you went to awaken Rayquaza. It has returned to roost here again, but the Sky Pillar has completely changed. There is now debris everywhere, and with the floors falling apart, you will need to use the Mach Bike to reach the top. If you’ve been to Granite Cave, you may have had practice with the Mach Bike. Bring your strongest team; this sidequest will make you master the Mach Bike. I will be doing a step-by-step trek of the tower, going by floor.

1F: Picture this whole place like Granite Cave, only 5 times harder. If you don’t want to save constantly, save as you enter each floor. Start by going left and around.

2F: For each ride, start a few panels before the first crack, and ride around the whole floor without stopping. On 2F, head down and immediately all the way to the left (here it is safe to stop). For the last stretch, curve slightly to the right as you accelerate.

3F: Go all the way around. Notice the middle staircase, and keep it in mind.

4F: Here you have to go around three sides (down, left, and up) without stopping. For the second trial, turn west exactly at one panel from the south wall, and when you reach the rock, immediately turn north. Once you do that successfully, save again. Despite appearances, this last bit of 4F is the hardest. You have to stop in the middle. Start 2 tiles left and 2 tiles down from the left crack, and then accelerate. At exactly the right moment, press Up (or Down) in the middle, causing you to brake and fall. If you did it right and fell in the middle, go up the next two staircases you see.

5F: Go all the way around. To exit the Sky Pillar, go back to 4F and fall down one of the small cracks by the staircase.

6F: This is the top floor, and you can Fly out of here. On this floor you will come face to face with Rayquaza, the becalmer of giants and the mascot of Emerald! Make sure to save your game immediately before fighting him. He’s a Dragon/Flying type, and at level 70 it’s hard to hold a candle to him. He hits fast and hard, and he even knows Rest to recover his HP, ruining all your hard work. He will either end up killing you very fast, or kill himself with Outrage’s confusion recoil. If you kill him accidentally before you fight the Elite Four, he will reappear afterward, but you may also not want to take chances and come back later instead. Whatever your choice, I wish you luck. His moveset is Rest, Fly, Outrage, and Extremespeed; the last move will always hit first.

Emerald cloning glitch

[Emerald cloning glitch information coming soon!]

Gym Leader rematches

After you beat the Pokemon League you will be able to challenge the gym leaders (as well as Wally) to double-battle rematches. With each successive rematch their team gets stronger.

Listed below are the team statuses for each of the gym leader rematches, up until their strongest points.

[Gym Leader rematch information coming soon!]