Pokémon Emerald walkthrough - Part 10

Now that all the boring stuff is over with, it’s time for some fun! Your next destination lies northeast on Route 119, where rain and tall grass abound. You might also want to stop by the Berry Master on Route 123 – it’s the perfect growing spot! First, head to Mauville City and go east to Route 118. You may have been here before, but you couldn’t Surf over the water. Well, now you can. gogogogogo

Route 118 items: Heart Scale (hidden), Iron (hidden), Good Rod, Sitrus Berries x4, Hyper Potion
Route 118 trainers:
~Youngster Deandre: Zigzagoon lv. 14, Aron lv. 14, Electrike lv. 14, gives $224.
~Aroma Lady Rose: Roselia lv. 14, Shroomish lv. 14, Roselia lv. 14, gives $560.
~Fisherman Wade: Tentacool lv. 16, gives $640.
~Guitarist Dalton: Magnemite lv. 15, Whismur lv. 15, gives $480.
~Gabby & Ty: Magnemite lv. 27, Loudred lv. 27, gives $2592.
~Fisherman Barny: Tentacool lv. 25, Carvanha lv. 25, gives $1000.
~Bird Keeper Chester: Taillow lv. 25, Swellow lv. 25, gives $800.
~Bird Keeper Perry: Wingull lv. 26, gives $832.

There’s that Gabby & Ty again. You’ll also notice Steven from before, and he’ll give you a brief chat. Before I go on north to Route 119, I’m going to make a brief stopover at Route 123 and the Berry Master’s house (in addition to the 12 soil patches at his house, you can also get 3 berries per day there). The rest of Route 123 is inaccessible from this place, but don’t worry, we’ll cover it eventually.

West Route 123 items: Ultra Ball, Revive (hidden), 3 random berries (available once a day), Pomeg Berries x8, Qualot Berries x8, Grepa Berries x8
West Route 123 trainers:
~Bug Catcher Davis: Pinsir lv. 27, gives $432.
~Cooltrainer Jazmyn: Absol lv. 27, gives $540.
~Twins Miu and Yuki: Beautifly lv. 26, Dustox lv. 26, gives $624.
~Aroma Lady Violet: Roselia lv. 26, Gloom lv. 26, gives $1040.

Route 119 is one long hike from Mauville (but mercifully, not as long as the Mauville-Fallarbor hike). You’ll need the Acro Bike to get everything here. (There is a Mach Bike shortcut on this route, but you can go around it – although you’ll need to fight a few more trainers.) The trainers here are hard and numerous, so bring your best and brightest! Notice as you start out hiking on the route, you’ll see a bunch of Bug Catchers and Bug Maniacs roaming around. They are the Mimic Circle; when you move, they move too...

Route 119 (Part 1) items: Super Repel, Hyper Potions x2, Zinc, Sitrus Berries x2, Leppa Berries x2, Elixir
Route 119 (Part 1) trainers:
~Bug Catcher Kent: Ninjask lv. 25, gives $400.
~Bug Maniac Donald: Wurmple lv. 24, Silcoon lv. 24, Beautifly lv. 24, gives $1440.
~Bug Catcher Greg: Volbeat lv. 25, Illumise lv. 25, gives $400.
~Bug Maniac Taylor: Wurmple lv. 27, Cascoon lv. 27, Dustox lv. 27, gives $1620.
~Bug Catcher Doug: Nincada lv. 28, Ninjask lv. 28, gives $448.
~Bug Maniac Brent: Surskit lv. 26, gives $1560.
~Fisherman Chris: Magikarp lv. 29, Tentacool lv. 20, Carvanha lv. 23, Feebas lv. 26, gives $920.
~Pkmn Ranger Catherine: Gloom lv. 26, Roselia lv. 26, gives $1248.
~Pkmn Ranger Jackson: Breloom lv. 27, gives $1296.
~Parasol Lady Rachel: Goldeen lv. 26, gives $1040.
~Bird Keeper Phil: Swellow lv. 26, gives $832.
~Ninja Boy Takashi: Ninjask lv. 25, Koffing lv. 25, gives $300.
~Kindler Dayton: Slugma lv. 25, Numel lv. 25, gives $800.
~Bird Keeper Hugh: Wingull lv. 25, Tropius lv. 25, gives $800.

Team Aqua is blocking off the rest of Route 119, and has infiltrated the Weather Institute (that large building you see there). After all those trainers, you and your team must be quite exhausted. Fortunately, there is a bed and a PC you can heal up at inside. Stop Team Aqua’s plan and rush them!

Weather Institute trainers:
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Carvanha lv. 28, gives $560.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 27, Poochyena lv. 27, gives $540.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 27, Carvanha lv. 27, gives $540.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Zubat lv. 27, Poochyena lv. 27, gives $540.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 26, Zubat lv. 26, Carvanha lv. 26, gives $520.
~Aqua Admin Shelly: Carvanha lv. 28, Mightyena lv. 28, gives $1120.

Defeating Shelly will clear out the Aqua grunts and rush off to Mount Pyre in pursuit of Team Magma. The researcher will thank you by giving you a level 25 Castform, a cute little guy who changes form with the weather. Castform’s gender is random when received. It comes with Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Powder Snow, and Hail, and is holding a Mystic Water. (You can use a Heart Scale to make him learn Ember and Water Gun, or wait until he’s level 30, when he learns Weather Ball, a move that doubles in power and changes type when some sort of weather, except Sandstorm, is active.)

At this point, you may want to rest up and save your game right now, because...

~My team so far.~

Windie, female, lv. 34.
Silvee, female, lv. 33.
Crimson, female, lv. 34.
Shady, male, lv. 37.
Bellomence, female, lv. 34.
Io, genderless, lv. 34.

Why do I put this section right after Team Aqua left, instead of before? I have a very good reason to do so; if you cross the bridge near the Weather Institute and head north, May/Brendan will appear and stop you, and challenge you to battle. (This route just does not let up, does it?) You won’t find her/him as hard as last time, so use the same strategy as before and commence ownage. Realistically, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all at this point. (If you do, you need practice.) Victory nets you HM02 Fly, a move which lets you fly to any previous city you’ve visited in the field...after your next badge, that is.

Pkmn Trainer May/Brendan: Lombre lv. 29, Slugma lv. 29, Pelipper lv. 29, gives $1860.
(Replace the appropriate Pokemon with the opposing starter, at level 31.)

And then up comes Scott! He’ll remark that he saw May/Brendan riding off upset and angry, and congratulate you. Way to go! (...That sounded a lot less mean in my head.) Anyway, we only have a small bit of Route 119 to go, so bear with me and hang in there.

Route 119 (Part 2) items: Elixir, Max Ether, Leaf Stone, Pomeg Berries x6
Route 119 (Part 2) trainers:
~Guitarist Fabian: Manectric lv. 26, gives $832.
~Ninja Boy Yasu: Ninjask lv. 26, gives $312.
~Ninja Boy Hideo: Koffing lv. 25, Koffing lv. 25, gives $300

Fortree City is a city of tree houses (quite literally) residing close to nature. There are quite a few things to do here. First, there’s a shop full of Secret Base decorations (similar to the Pretty Petals Flower Shop on Route 104). Second, there’s a Wingull that will run off somewhere with a letter (which will be important later). Third, a boy wants to swap his Plusle for your Volbeat (it’s your call, but both are pretty easy to catch so I wouldn’t). Last, there’s a woman who’ll give you TM10 (Hidden Power) after a quiz (the answers are Right, Right, and Left), and a man who will teach one of your Pokemon Sleep Talk (which makes the user randomly use one of its moves while sleeping). The gym is currently blocked by something invisible, so go on to Route 120.

Avoid a few trainers on Route 120 (or battle them if you want; info is in Part 11), and go to the bridge. Steven will be there and expose a level 30 Kecleon that you can battle or capture. (There will be more like it, but I recommend snagging one now.) After the fight, Steven will give you the Devon Scope, allowing you to reveal invisible objects (they all turn out to be Kecleon), and then leave. Head back to Fortree and go to the gym. The Kecleon here, instead of attacking you, will run off.

Fortree Gym is a complicated maze of rotating doors and a lot of birds; the trainers here use Flying-types galore. Electric and Ice will do great, but Grass will have a very hard time. The TMs for Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and even Shock Wave may come in handy here.

Fortree Gym trainers:
~Bird Keeper Humberto: Skarmory lv. 30, gives $960.
~Picnicker Ashley: Swablu lv. 27, Swablu lv. 27, Swablu lv. 27, gives $432.
~Bird Keeper Jared: Doduo lv. 27, Skarmory lv. 27, Tropius lv. 27, gives $864.
~Camper Flint: Swellow lv. 29, Xatu lv. 29, gives $464.
~Bird Keeper Edwardo: Doduo lv. 29, Pelipper lv. 29, gives $928.
~Bird Keeper Darius: Tropius lv. 30, gives $960.
~Leader Winona: Swablu lv. 29, Tropius lv. 29, Pelipper lv. 30, Skarmory lv. 31, Altaria lv. 33, gives $3300.

~My team so far (before Winona).~

Io, genderless, lv. 36.
Windie, female, lv. 35.
Silvee, female, lv. 34.
Crimson, female, lv. 34.
Shady, male, lv. 37.
Bellomence, female, lv. 34.

I let Io have free reign here. (Remember, he is a Magneton.) Winona has Altaria, a nasty Dragon/Flying type whose only real weakness is Ice. However, as I remarked earlier, I taught Ice Beam to my Swampert, therefore making this fight much easier. The main point with Winona is to type-trump; she is very powerful and her team has no one common weakness. Defeat her to obtain the Feather Badge, which grants the ability to use Fly in the field and commands obedience of all trades level 70 or lower, and also TM40, which teaches Aerial Ace, the Flying-type variation of Swift.