Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 11

Just like Scott to call you up again! He’ll express his continued optimism and support for you, and that you have a fan in him. Sweet, your first fan. (Well, maybe second; I believe in you, anyway.) Now that you can Fly to any town you’ve visited, you can go attend to any unfinished business you may have (such as Part 9 if you haven’t done it yet). When you’re all done, head east from Fortree to Route 120.

You may notice Gabby & Ty here (if you haven’t noticed before already). After you fight them here, they reappear in the locations you’ve seen them in before (first Route 111, then Route 118, then here again at Route 120, and then back to Route 111, etc.). Their Pokemon are level 30 now, but in the rematches, their Pokemon will be level 33, then 36, then 39 (with an Exploud), and then stay at level 39 for each future rematch. (They’re independent of the Match Call system, and are always available, so it may be a quicker way to raise your team.)

Route 120 has rain and more tall grass, as does Route 121. I’ll be covering all the ground I can, including the Scorched Slab (it’s right at the entrance to the route in the pond). Everything, that is, except for those strange ruins...

Route 120 items: Rare Candy (hidden), Nest Ball, TM11 (Sunny Day, in the Slab), Revive (hidden), Aspear Berries x6 (Cut required), Revive, Nugget, Hyper Potion, 1 random berry (available once a day), Full Heal, Pecha Berries x6, Wepear Berries x3, Pinap Berries x3, Nanab Berries x3, Razz Berries x3
Route 120 trainers:
~Parasol Lady Clarissa: Roselia lv. 28, Wailmer lv. 28, gives $1120.
~Gabby & Ty: Magneton lv. 30, Loudred lv. 30, gives $2880.
~Bird Keeper Robert: Swablu lv. 29, gives $928.
~Bird Keeper Colin: Wingull lv. 28, Natu lv. 28, gives $896.
~Cooltrainer Leonel: Manectric lv. 30, gives $1440.
~Parasol Lady Angelica: Castform lv. 30, gives $1200.
~Battle Girl Callie: Meditite lv. 28, Makuhita lv. 28, gives $672.
~Ninja Boy Riley: Nincada lv. 28, Koffing lv. 28, gives $336.
~Cooltrainer Jennifer: Sableye lv. 30, gives $1440.
~Pkmn Ranger Jenna: Lotad lv. 28, Lombre lv. 28, Nuzleaf lv. 28, gives $1344.
~Pkmn Ranger Lorenzo: Seedot lv. 28, Lombre lv. 28, Nuzleaf lv. 28, gives $1344.
~Bug Maniac Jeffrey: Surskit lv. 27, Surskit lv. 27, Surskit lv. 27, gives $1620.
~Ninja Boy Keigo: Koffing lv. 28, Ninjask lv. 28, gives $336.
~Ruin Maniac Chip: Baltoy lv. 27, Sandshrew lv. 27, Sandslash lv. 27, gives $1620.

When you come onto Route 121, you’ll notice two things: the Safari Zone, and Team Aqua headed off to Mount Pyre. (The former I won’t be covering until a LOT later since there are extra areas in Emerald not present in Ruby/Sapphire; the latter I won’t be covering immediately, but I will be covering it very soon.) You can assume Team Aqua is up to no good. Lilycove City, though, isn’t very far away, so I’ll be headed there first to heal. It’ll make the journey back easier.

(Note that if a Pokemon Breeder engages you in a Double Battle simultaneously with another trainer, they’ll only use the first 3 Pokemon in their own lineup. To fight all 6, challenge them separately.)

Route 121 items: Persim Berries x2, Chesto Berries x2, Aspear Berries x2, Rawst Berries x2, Zinc, Revive, Carbos, Nanab Berries x6, Max Revive (hidden), Nugget (Cut required, hidden)
Route 121 trainers:
~Hex Maniac Tammy: Duskull lv. 29, Shuppet lv. 29, gives $696.
~Bug Maniac Caze: Dustox lv. 29, Beautifly lv. 29, gives $1740.
~Beauty Jessica: Kecleon lv. 29, Seviper lv. 29, gives $2320.
~Sr. & Jr. Kate and Joy: Spinda lv. 30, Slaking lv. 32, gives $1024.
~Pkmn Breeder Pat: Poochyena lv. 25, Gulpin lv. 25, Sandshrew lv. 25, Shroomish lv. 25, Electrike lv. 25, Marill lv. 25, gives $1000.
~Pkmn Breeder Myles: Makuhita lv. 25, Wingull lv. 25, Numel lv. 25, Electrike lv. 25, Tropius lv. 25, Zigzagoon lv. 25, gives $1000.
~Gentleman Walter: Manectric lv. 29, gives $2320.
~Pokefan Vanessa: Pikachu lv. 30, gives $2400.
~Cooltrainer Marcel: Manectric lv. 29, Shiftry lv. 29, gives $1392.
~Cooltrainer Cristin: Loudred lv. 29, Vigoroth lv. 29, gives $1392.

Ah, Lilycove City – one of the busiest cities in Hoenn. There is definitely a LOT to do here, and it’s easy to get sidetracked. To start off, the Pokemon Contest Hall is here, and in Emerald, it covers all 4 ranks (as opposed to Ruby/Sapphire’s system). You may actually like Emerald’s system better; everything Contest-based is in one place. (I do, anyway.) Pop in for a Pokeblock Case, and here you can blend Pokeblocks at will (either with 1, 2, or 3 NPCs, or with friends). Right next to the Contest Hall lives the Pokeblock Master, the daughter of the Berry Master. Southeast of the hall is a Max Repel and a romantic (?) old couple. (Yeah, I don’t get them either. It’s too weird.) Then there’s the Cove Lily Motel where Scott is resting (read: say hi). Next, there is the Fan Club, where you will gain fans based on your exploits. Then there’s the Move Deleter, who will delete any Pokemon moves, including HMs (which can’t be deleted under normal circumstances, so...joy). A gentleman will give you a random daily berry. A sleep guy gives you TM44 (very fitting, as it contains Rest, which fully heals the user and puts it to sleep for 2 turns). On the beach is a hidden Heart Scale, Poke Ball, PP Up, and Team Aqua’s hideout.

...wait, what!? Team Aqua has their hideout here!? The two grunts blocking the entrance will tell you where the boss went and why – Mount Pyre, to snatch something. (One guy will tell you the location, and the other tells you the reason. Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee, anyone?) We’ll come back to that eventually. (After the team leaves Mount Pyre – later – they tell you where their boss is next...and why.) You’ll notice some other grunt is blocking the entrance to Route 124 also, so for now, the wide open sea is not before you. Let us explore the rest of the city. There is the Lilycove Museum which houses many works of art (unlike the Slateport Museum, though, admission is free). Talk to the Curator to gain access to the upstairs hall, where fantastic Master Rank contest winners will be displayed (to get your Pokemon’s portrait here, it needs to win a Master Rank contest with the Heart Gauge meter at 100% or higher – which is no easy feat). And last but not least, there is Lilycove Department Store, a monolith of a Pokemart with tons of everything, even a daily prize drawing (that could even net you a Master Ball)! But alas, there is an obstacle, for May/Brendan blocks the entrance, and won’t move unless you beat her/him. S/he will remark that s/he’s been shopping a lot at the Department Store, even buying some dolls for Secret Bases. (I’ve never known guys to shop that much though. With girls it would make sense though. Wait, that sounds somewhat sexist. Forget I said that.) This is your last confrontation with your rival. After you disregard my parenthetical comment, will you be ready to square off?

Pkmn Trainer May/Brendan: Tropius lv. 31, Slugma lv. 32, Ludicolo lv. 32, Pelipper lv. 32, gives $2040.
(Replace the appropriate Pokemon with the appropriate starter, at level 34. S/he always has Tropius, however.)

~My team so far.~

Windie, female, lv. 36.
Shady, male, lv. 39.
Crimson, female, lv. 36.
Bellomence, female, lv. 36.
Ciel (Absol), female, lv. 36.
Io, genderless, lv. 37.

I feel sorry for Silvee. As soon as Ciel came along, she was instantly swapped out for the better model. (Then again, it is hard to top absurdly high Attack combined with Swords Dance.) With that aside, your rival shouldn’t be much trouble at this point; just play type-trumping as always. For the last fight, you would think your rival would have the final evolution starter...but that’s not the case. With May/Brendan out of the way, you’ll have full access to the Department Store and all its perks. While you’re here, why not stock up on supplies for the coming trek?

Blargh wall of text for Lilycove. Hard to believe I wrote a whole page about it. Now it’s safe to head off to Mount Pyre, within Route 122 (which consists of a large lake surrounding the mount, and nothing more). Bring your strongest. Mount Pyre is a large monument dedicated to the remembrance of deceased Pokemon. Some of them have been brought back as wild Ghost-type Pokemon (namely, Shuppet and Duskull) that you can capture. The mountain itself is divided into two sections: inner and outer. I’ll be doing the inner first (with all the trainers in it), and then the outer, where Team Aqua and Magma are, and then I’ll cover Route 123. (The inner part is purely optional, so you can skip it if you wish. It may wear you down for the coming fight, so if need be, go back and heal at Lilycove if you are weakened from the inner part.) There are a few parts in Mount Pyre where you fall through holes to get to lower floors. You may have to fall down from the top several times to get all the items. The inner part of Mount Pyre goes up to 6F.

Mount Pyre Inner items: Cleanse Tag, Ultra Ball, Super Repel, TM30 (Shadow Ball), Lax Incense, Sea Incense
Mount Pyre Inner trainers:
~Pokemaniac Mark: Rhyhorn lv. 31, give $1860.
~Hex Maniac Leah: Spoink lv. 31, gives $744.
~Black Belt Zander: Hariyama lv. 31, gives $992.
~Young Couple Dez and Luke: Delcatty lv. 31, Manectric lv. 31, gives $1984.
~Psychic Kayla: Wobbuffet lv. 26, Natu lv. 26, Kadabra lv. 26, gives $624.
~Pkmn Breeder Gabrielle: Skitty lv. 26, Zigzagoon lv. 26, Poochyena lv. 26, Lotad lv. 26, Seedot lv. 26, Taillow lv. 26, gives $1040.
~Psychic William: Ralts lv. 26, Ralts lv. 26, Kirlia lv. 26, gives $624.
~Hex Maniac Tasha: Shuppet lv. 32, gives $768.
~Black Belt Atsushi: Hariyama lv. 32, gives $1024.
~Hex Maniac Valerie: Sableye lv. 32, gives $768.
~Psychic Cedric: Wobbuffet lv. 32, gives $768.

The outer part of Mount Pyre is accessible via 1F. The holes you fall through inside are your shortcut to the bottom. Your climb outside will be mostly uninterrupted, but at the peak lies fog...and Team Aqua (Team Magma is long gone). Stay frosty and look for rare Pokemon at the peak (such as Chimecho, which is very hard to find and appears nowhere else).

Mount Pyre Outer items: TM48 (Skill Swap), Max Potion, Ultra Ball, Max Ether, Zinc
Mount Pyre Outer trainers:
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Carvanha lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Wailmer lv. 30, Zubat lv. 30, gives $600.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 30, Carvanha lv. 30, gives $600.

Not one, but both of Mount Pyre’s Orbs have been stolen! Archie’s made off with the Red Orb, and Maxie has the Blue Orb. However, one of Magma’s grunts left behind a Magma Emblem, which will come in useful shortly. I’ll be proceeding on to Route 123 (the part previously inaccessible), and then do another Trick House. (See the Special section for the Trick House 5 information.)

Route 123 items: Rare Candy (Cut required, hidden), PP Up (Cut required, hidden), Rawst Berries x2, Sitrus Berries x2, Pecha Berries x2, TM19 (Giga Drain, requires you have a Grass-type in the party), Hyper Potion (hidden), Leppa Berries x4, Super Repel (hidden), Elixir, Calcium, Revival Herb, PP Up
Route 123 trainers (the first 3 require Cut):
~Psychic Cameron: Solrock lv. 31, gives $744.
~Ninja Boy Jonas: Koffing lv. 31, gives $372.
~Parasol Lady Kayley: Castform lv. 31, gives $1240.
~Hex Maniac Kindra: Duskull lv. 30, Shuppet lv. 30, gives $720.
~Collector Ed: Zangoose lv. 30, Seviper lv. 30, gives $1800.
~Cooltrainer Wendy: Mawile lv. 29, Roselia lv. 29, Pelipper lv. 29, gives $1392.
~Cooltrainer Braxton: Swellow lv. 28, Trapinch lv. 28, Wailmer lv. 28, Magneton lv. 28, Shiftry lv. 28, gives $1344.
~Guitarist Fernando: Electrike lv. 30, Loudred lv. 30, gives $960.
~Bird Keeper Alberto: Pelipper lv. 30, Xatu lv. 30, gives $960.
~Psychic Jacki: Kadabra lv. 30, Lunatone lv. 30, gives $720.
~Expert Fredrick: Makuhita lv. 30, Machoke lv. 30, gives $1200.

You’ll need to go through Route 123 at least twice to get all the items, given the many ledges. And by passing by the Berry Master’s place, it seems my Sitrus plants have matured. (Now that you have Fly, growing berries will be a lot easier.) Now, where was I? Ah, yes...

We need to follow that lead on the Magma Emblem. To start, head to the Jagged Pass (or, if you want, the two goons at the Aqua Hideout will give you the next piece anyway). Remember that Team Magma grunt from before? Well, go to where he was standing, and a cave will appear! It’s Team Magma’s hideout, and they’re up to something big. There are wild Pokemon here, similar to those outside. Shrug off the wild Pokemon and plunge deep into the heart of their hideout – the heart of the volcano!

Magma Hideout items: Max Elixir, Full Restore, Rare Candy, PP Max, Nugget, Max Revive, Escape Rope
Magma Hideout trainers:
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Numel lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [female]: Mightyena lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Baltoy lv. 28, Numel lv. 28, gives $560.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Baltoy lv. 28, Zubat lv. 28, gives $560.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Mightyena lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [female]: Numel lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Mightyena lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [female]: Baltoy lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Baltoy lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Numel lv. 29, gives $580.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 29, gives $580.
~Magma Admin Tabitha: Numel lv. 26, Mightyena lv. 28, Zubat lv. 30, Camerupt lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Magma Leader Maxie: Mightyena lv. 37, Crobat lv. 38, Camerupt lv. 39, gives $3120.

~My team so far (before Maxie).~

Ciel, female, lv. 38.
Shady, male, lv. 40.
Windie, female, lv. 39.
Crimson, female, lv. 38.
Io, genderless, lv. 39.
Bellomence, female, lv. 38.

The first thing you may notice is how Maxie’s team is a full 10 levels higher than any of his grunts. Usually, the level difference is not that great, but if his highest-level Pokemon is close to yours, that can mean trouble, especially after all the grunts you fought through to get here. (You may want to pull back and heal up first, maybe even level-grind.) You’ll see Maxie awaken the legendary Pokemon Groudon, who will then vanish. Maxie will think you are to blame, and attack you. He is a LOT STRONGER than before, and the key is to beat him down as fast and as powerful as possible. With levels like his, it won’t be easy. Defeat him, and we’ll progress to the next part of the walkthrough.