Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 12

Well, all the Magma grunts have cleared out of the hideout, but now Groudon is awake, and hiding somewhere in Hoenn. Not good. (I’m still perplexed as to how Groudon, as big as it is, can ‘hide’.) So where do we go next? Leave it to the two Aqua grunts at Aqua Hideout to give it away. Their leader, Archie, is in Slateport about to jack a submarine. (A far cry from the peaceful goals you heard him talking about at the Oceanic Museum, isn’t it?) Head to the dock at Slateport, where a big crowd is gathered for an exclusive news interview (oh look, it’s Gabby and Ty). Talk to Capt. Stern to listen in on the interview. He will say to you that he and his team found a cavern on Route 128 that houses a long-extinct Pokemon. Team Aqua will then appear (well, not really appear, but you just hear them over a loudspeaker) and steal the sub from right under everyone’s noses, and Archie will dare you to follow him to the Aqua Hideout. That’s our next target to eliminate...er, I mean, destination to head to.

Unlike Magma Hideout, Aqua Hideout doesn’t have any wild Pokemon. The fashion is much more orderly, like a building, and even has fancy teleport tiles. It houses very valuable items...such as the MASTER BALL. (Insert flashing lights here.) And eventually, you’ll not be able to enter this hideout again. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THE MASTER BALL. (It’s at the end of a long maze of teleport tiles, with the first tile being near the entrance and transporting you into the maze. But be careful: two of the four item balls there are Electrodes in disguise. Boom Boom Selfdestruct Go.)

Aqua Hideout items: Max Elixir, Nugget, Master Ball, Nest Ball
Aqua Hideout trainers:
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Carvanha lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Poochyena lv. 31, Zubat lv. 31, gives $620.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 31, Carvanha lv. 31, gives $620.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Carvanha lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Carvanha lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Zubat lv. 32, gives $640.
~Aqua Admin Matt: Mightyena lv. 34, Golbat lv. 34, gives $1360.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to take on Archie just yet...just his high-ranking lackey, Matt. However, during the fight, you’ll see Archie make his escape. DIVERSION RAWR. Now that Archie has gotten away, you’ll have to chase him. He’s headed to the cavern on Route 128, but you don’t want to head there right now (actually, you can’t right now). You’ll also notice Route 124 is now unblocked, so now you have access to Hoenn’s great eastern sea. (You see the Golden Sun reference there?) Route 124 and all the other sea routes have Swimmers and Water-type Pokemon everywhere, so bring Electric and Grass and have Fire sit this one out. You’ll also notice dark patches dispersed throughout the route, and a guy who trades Shards for stones. Both of those involve HM08 (Dive), and I’ll visit them shortly. For now, just head due east to your next destination – Mossdeep City.

Route 124 items: None (this will not include the items acquired with Dive, which are listed in Part 14)
Route 124 trainers:
~Swimmer [female] Grace: Marill lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Decian: Gyarados lv. 34, gives $272.
~Sis & Bro Lila and Roy: Chinchou lv. 34, Carvanha lv. 33, gives $792.
~Swimmer [male] Spencer: Tentacool lv. 33, Wingull lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [female] Jenny: Wailmer lv. 34, gives $272.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Isabella: Staryu lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Swimmer [male] Roland: Carvanha lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Chad: Tentacool lv. 33, Wailmer lv. 33, gives $264.

Here you are now in Mossdeep City. It’s a small island with a space center and gym, among other things. Take the time to explore a little. The Mart here sells Dive Balls for catching underwater Pokemon. A boy here can tell you where your Secret Base is located (very useful in case you’ve forgotten). The items you can get here are a Net Ball, a King’s Rock, and the Super Rod. A man here can tell you what kind of Pokeblocks your Pokemon like. There’s a mini-game corner that lets you use Wireless Adapters to play games with your friends with FR/LG or Emerald (but not R/S). Scott’s here and he mentions trouble at the Space Center, which other people in town are also mentioning. The Wingull from Fortree is here – when it flies off, go back to its original house in Fortree to acquire a Mental Herb (a one-use hold item that cures attraction). There’s a white rock possibly related to Jirachi (or not – it doesn’t make Jirachi appear at all, really). So what’s the first thing we need to do? Oh, right – the Space Center!

In the Space Center, right as you come in, a sailor gives you a Sun Stone. There’s a threat letter from Team Magma blatantly declaring that they’re coming to steal all of their rocket fuel...but why would they need that? Aside from the rocket launches there’s nothing to do here...so why not check out the gym?

Mossdeep Gym has Psychic-types, plenty of Double Battles, and teleport tiles everywhere. It is a lot different than the R/S design of the gym. (The corresponding Trick House puzzle, Trick House 7, has also been changed accordingly, but that won’t be for a while.) Work your way past the rotating tiles and trainers and work your way to the Gym Leaders. (Yes, Gym Leaders. There are two of them.)

Mossdeep Gym trainers:
~Psychic Preston: Kirlia lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Maura: Kadabra lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Samantha: Xatu lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Blake: Girafarig lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Nicholas: Wobbuffet lv. 36, gives $864.
~Hex Maniac Kathleen: Kadabra lv. 36, gives $864.
~Gentleman Clifford: Girafarig lv. 36, gives $2880.
~Psychic Macey: Natu lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Virgil: Ralts lv. 36, gives $864.
~Gentleman Nate: Spoink lv. 36, gives $2880.
~Hex Maniac Sylvia: Meditite lv. 36, gives $864.
~Psychic Hannah: Kirlia lv. 36, gives $864.
~Leader Tate and Liza: Claydol lv. 41, Xatu lv. 41, Solrock lv. 42, Lunatone lv. 42, gives $8400.

~My team so far (before Tate and Liza).~

Ciel, female, lv. 42.
Shady, male, lv. 45.
Io, genderless, lv. 42.
Bellomence, female, lv. 42.
Windie, female, lv. 42.
Crimson, female, lv. 42.

I actually tried to battle them once and lost epically. The team stats here are post-level-grind. Tate and Liza blow the rest of the gym away. You have to fight them in a Double Battle. They specialize in using the Double Levitate + Double Earthquake strategy (since all of their Pokemon have Levitate, save Xatu who is immune to Ground moves anyway), and since they get two turns (as do you), they’re absolute monsters. Keep the Revives and Hyper Potions on hand, and be ready to use them quickly (I had to use a LOT of healing items). Victory grants you the Mind Badge, the ability to use Dive outside of battle, as well as TM04 – Calm Mind, a move that raises the user’s Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage each.

Uh-oh, Team Magma’s now in town, and they’re going to take the Space Center by force! Heal up your team and chase the scoundrels down – it’s your final and most epic confrontation with Team Magma!

Space Center trainers:
~Team Magma Grunt [female]: Zubat lv. 31, Poochyena lv. 31, gives $620.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Numel lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Baltoy lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Mightyena lv. 26, Mightyena lv. 28, Numel lv. 30, gives $600.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Mightyena lv. 32, gives $640.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Baltoy lv. 32, gives $640.
~Magma Admin Tabitha: Camerupt lv. 36, Mightyena lv. 38, Golbat lv. 40, gives $1600.
~Magma Leader Maxie: Mightyena lv. 42, Crobat lv. 43, Camerupt lv. 44, gives $3520.

It turns out that Maxie wants to use the rocket fuel to send Mount Chimney to kingdom come, since they no longer have any use for it. To stop them, you and Steven will team up against Tabitha and Maxie. You’ll pick 3 Pokemon to fight with, and so will Steven. He uses a level 42 Metang, a level 43 Skarmory, and a level 44 Aggron. The Metang is incredibly sturdy and will frequently lead with moves such as Reflect and Light Screen, which halves damage for both of you. You can also use your own healing items on Steven’s Pokemon, but Steven’s Metang may end up lasting the whole fight (and if not, come very close to doing so). With Steven backing you up, this battle shouldn’t be too hard for you at all.

After the battle, Maxie will mutter about Team Aqua also being misguided as he was, and rush off – most likely to stop them. Will he succeed? Wait and see. Steven will ask you to meet him at his house in the northwest of town. He will thank you with HM08 – Dive. In battle, Dive is a move much like Fly; it has relatively low power, but the user hides before striking. With this HM at your side you can explore the underwater regions of Hoenn.