Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 13

Your next destination is the Seafloor Cavern on Route 128. That’s a long Surf from anywhere, so I’ll be taking baby steps. You will need HM Dive. We will be covering Route 126 (Route 125 will come later), Sootopolis City, Route 127, Route 128, and then the Seafloor Cavern, and we’ll be taking each section individually.

(Alternatively, if you want to get to the Cavern quicker and skip all the trainers on the way there, you can head south from Mossdeep straight to Route 127, dive at the first dark patch of water you see, and just head due south. But if you want to make the Seafloor Cavern easier on yourself, you may want to train. Plus, the method I’ve prescribed will let you Fly back to Sootopolis without having to travel extra.)

(To look for items underwater, look for various clear patches or rocks that stand out from the environment. Odds are an item is buried there. In fact, all the items underwater throughout Hoenn are found in this manner.)

Route 126 items (all Underwater): Big Pearl, Stardust, Ultra Ball, Heart Scale, Pearl, Yellow Shard, Iron, Blue Shard
Route 126 trainers:
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Isobel: Staryu lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Swimmer [male] Leonardo: Carvanha lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Dean: Carvanha lv. 31, Wingull lv. 31, Carvanha lv. 31, gives $248.
~Swimmer [female] Nikki: Marill lv. 33, Spheal lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [male] Barry: Gyarados lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [female] Sienna: Luvdisc lv. 33, Luvdisc lv. 33, gives $264.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Pablo: Staryu lv. 33, Staryu lv. 33, gives $1320.

To find Sootopolis City, go to the south end of the large white rock, use Dive, go into the cave you see, and resurface. Alternatively you can dive anywhere near the large white rock and work your way around to the south.

Sootopolis is the site of the eighth and final gym, and the site of an extinct volcano. (If you can’t find it, note this: The city itself is built into the volcano’s crater.) The entire city is constituted of a peculiar white rock. As with any city, let’s have a look around first before moving on. You will need Surf to fully navigate the city. One house in the southeast of town has to do with the e-Reader, which we never got for Emerald. (So there is really nothing here for you. Dangit.) Next up, a woman will give you a large Wailmer Doll for your Secret Base. Further on, two guys argue over the size of Lotad and Seedot – show them one of each for gifts. Now Surf over to the west side of town (you’ll see the Gym, but for now it is locked). A girl named Kiri will give you 2 random berries each day. Two other girls mention Juan (the Gym Leader) having lots of fans, as well as the Lilycove Fan Club. Then farther onward, a Black Belt gives you TM31 (Brick Break, a Fighting-type move that destroys Reflect and Light Screen before hitting). At the very end lies the Cave of Origin, which is currently closed off to you. But for the time being, let’s head on to Route 127. (To continue, head out the way you came in, and head east.)

Route 127 items: Zinc, Rare Candy, Carbos (Dive required) – All underwater: Red Shard, HP Up, Star Piece, Heart Scale
Route 127 trainers:
~Bird Keeper Aidan: Swellow lv. 32, Skarmory lv. 32, gives $1024.
~Cooltrainer Athena: Manectric lv. 32, Linoone lv. 32, gives $1536.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Donny [female]: Wingull lv. 26, Staryu lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Fisherman Jonah: Wailmer lv. 30, Tentacool lv. 31, Sharpedo lv. 32, gives $1280.
~Fisherman Henry: Carvanha lv. 31, Tentacruel lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Fisherman Roger: Magikarp lv. 15, Magikarp lv. 25, Gyarados lv. 35, gives $1400.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Camden: Staryu lv. 33, Staryu lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Black Belt Koji: Machoke lv. 34, gives $1088.

Route 128 items (Underwater only): Protein, Pearl
Route 128 trainers:
~Cooltrainer Alexa: Gloom lv. 34, Azumarill lv. 34, gives $1632.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Isaiah: Staryu lv. 35, gives $1400.
~Fisherman Wayne: Tentacool lv. 31, Tentacool lv. 31, Wailmer lv. 36, gives $1440.
~Cooltrainer Ruben: Shiftry lv. 34, Nosepass lv. 34, gives $1632.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Katelyn: Staryu lv. 35, gives $1400.
~Swimmer [male] Harrison: Tentacruel lv. 35, gives $280.
~Swimmer [female] Carlee: Seaking lv. 35, gives $280.

Have you noticed the cavern underwater on Route 128? Capt. Stern’s sub is parked there, and it’s a certainty Team Aqua is too. (There should be a big flashing light going off for you right now.) If you need to heal up, either Fly back or take the underwater shortcut I mentioned back to Mossdeep City. (And while you’re at it, after you heal, take the same shortcut back here.) Whatever your method, you need to resurface at the sub. Just let me use my Sun Stone on my Gloom and I’ll be right with you... =P

Seafloor Cavern is your final showdown with Team Aqua, and your only opportunity you get to fight Archie, their leader. You may be down a team member or two to make room for Surf, Dive, Strength, and Rock Smash (which are the four HMs you need – two of which you used to get into here), but don’t let that hinder you. Charge forward bravely!

Seafloor Cavern items: TM26 (Earthquake)
Seafloor Cavern trainers:
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 36, gives $720.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Carvanha lv. 36, gives $720.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 36, gives $720.
~Team Aqua Grunt [female]: Carvanha lv. 36, gives $720.
~Team Aqua Grunt [male]: Mightyena lv. 35, Golbat lv. 35, gives $700.
~Aqua Admin Shelly: Sharpedo lv. 37, Mightyena lv. 37, gives $1480.
~Aqua Leader Archie: Mightyena lv. 41, Crobat lv. 41, Sharpedo lv. 43, gives $3440.

~My team so far (before Archie).~

Ciel, female, lv. 43.
Windie, female, lv. 44.
Shady, male, lv. 46.
Io, genderless, lv. 44.

You’ll notice I’m down by two, which is what I had to sacrifice to get the HMs necessary to get to the back. However, I kept the important ones – after all, Archie is still Team Aqua, and the same rules apply. His Pokemon go up into the mid-40s, but he shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Not like a Gym Leader, anyway...

But now you know Aqua’s goal. Just as Magma revived Groudon, the herald of land, so too will Aqua revive Kyogre, the herald of sea...and Groudon’s eternal rival. But can they handle the truth? After the battle, Maxie arrives to dissuade Archie...but he comes too late. Now both Kyogre and Groudon are awake, and eastern Hoenn has become a terrible storm. And as Archie and Maxie leave to attempt to take care of matters themselves, Steven flies in and says that there was a scorching heat wave before the deluge started. (Indeed, the weather alternates between intense sun and pouring rain! If you have a battle during these conditions, the weather will either be sunny or raining, depending on the timing.) He also mentions that Sootopolis is the focal point of the storm, so fly there now. (And if you haven’t, you’ll have to travel there through all the intense weather. See why I mentioned the detour before?)

Welcome to the front seat of the battle of the ancients revived. The people of Sootopolis are gathered all around, watching the battle between Groudon and Kyogre unfold – two equals of phenomenal power, unable to control their own strength, fighting right there in the midst of the city. During this time, no building in Sootopolis will be accessible save for the Pokemon Center (because all the people are watching), and all the doors to the houses are locked, with people hiding in fear. (Even Kiri will be frightened, and will be hiding behind a tree.)

What can you do to stop them now? What can anyone do? Well, first you should seek out Steven. He’ll ask you to follow him. He will take you to the Cave of Origin, wherein is a man named Wallace. Unlike Ruby/Sapphire, the cave now only has one floor, and therefore, this will be a lot easier. When you see Wallace, he says that he used to be Sootopolis’ Gym Leader, but then handed the reins to his mentor Juan. He also mentions a THIRD super-ancient Pokemon. You may have heard of it – Rayquaza, who calmed Groudon and Kyogre in ages past. You may also know its location – it’s the Sky Pillar, on Route 131, far to the south. Now, going there involves you going through three new sea routes in utterly crazy weather. Fortunately, all you need for this trip is Surf, and there’s a new town at the end. Again, I’ll be taking baby steps to make it simple and manageable, and not so daunting. (Now I have my full party back. go go Bellossom yay) Are you game? Great. Head south from Route 128 and let’s go.

Route 129 items: None.
Route 129 trainers:
~Swimmer [male] Reed: Spheal lv. 33, Sharpedo lv. 33, gives $264.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Chase: Wingull lv. 26, Staryu lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Allison: Wingull lv. 27, Staryu lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Swimmer [male] Clarence: Sharpedo lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [female] Tisha: Chinchou lv. 34, gives $272.

Route 130 might contain Mirage Island halfway through its reaches, but only very rarely (an old man in Pacifidlog Town can tell you if he sees it that day). If you see Mirage Island, go there. I’ve been told that it has a Liechi Berry plant and tons of wild Wynaut. (But don’t plant any berries there – it’ll vanish again before you know it!)

Route 130 items: Liechi Berry x? (Mirage Island)
Route 130 trainers:
~Swimmer [male] Rodney: Gyarados lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [female] Katie: Goldeen lv. 33, Spheal lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [male] Santiago: Tentacruel lv. 33, Wailmer lv. 33, gives $264.

Route 131 is where the Sky Pillar lies, and your last top before Pacifidlog Town. You can go to the Sky Pillar now, but I’m going to go forward so I have a town to fly back to and heal at. (Eventually you will need to go to this town anyway for a very mystical sidequest.)

Route 131 items: None.
Route 131 trainers:
~Triathlete [Swimmer] Talia: Staryu lv. 34, gives $1360.
~Swimmer [male] Kevin: Spheal lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Richard: Pelipper lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [female] Kara: Seaking lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Herman: Wingull lv. 33, Tentacruel lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [female] Susie: Luvdisc lv. 34, gives $272.
~Sis & Bro Rezi and Ian: Azumarill lv. 35, Wingull lv. 33, gives $792.

Pacifidlog is a small quaint place, similar to Fortree, but communing with the sea. Indeed, the entire town is built over a colony of Corsola (coral). It isn’t much, but you can still look around. There’s one guy who will give you either TM27 (Return) or TM21 (Frustration), once per week, depending on whether your lead party member likes or hates you. (The two TM moves increase in power the more your Pokemon likes or hates you, respectively.) In the northeast of town, a married couple talks about some downright unusual things. Titans of rock, ice, and steel? Old folklore legend? That is the mystery of the ‘Regis’ – we will get there eventually. One guy will trade you his Horsea for your Bagon (read: you have got to be kidding me). In Ruby/Sapphire, his trade was equally unreasonable: his Corsola for your Bellossom. MY BELLOSSOM. >=( Lastly, the old guy in the southeast house tells you whether or not he sees Mirage Island.

Okay, now that we’re done here, heal up, go east (DO NOT GO WEST) and backtrack to the Sky Pillar. Sky Pillar is a very tall tower, but unlike its R/S form, it has no incursions...yet. (If you come back here though, it will be just like the R/S Sky Pillar, and I’ll cover that later. However, the wild Pokemon are not as strong as in R/S, and will stay that level even when you come back here.) Upon entry, Wallace will greet you and apologize for leaving you behind at the Cave of Origin. As you enter the tower, you’ll notice the chaotic weather spread even out to here. There isn’t a moment to lose – ascend to the top!

Climbing all 6 floors of the Sky Pillar this time around shouldn’t be a problem. Just run up, fall through the one crack, and keep climbing to the top. Once you get to the top, you’ll see Rayquaza fly off. Also, keep in mind the route you took up here – it will be important later. Save your game at this point. Now, Fly back to Sootopolis (you can fly off of the summit of Sky Pillar). Yes, you’ll see the conflict. But...as the fight rages on, Rayquaza will calm them both and send them packing, ceasing the chaotic weather. Also, note that the cutscene has some cool-sounding organ music. =D (That way, you can turn off your system, start it up again, and watch the cutscene again and again...if you saved at the top of Sky Pillar.)

The crisis is all over. It’s as if nothing happened. The question is...where did the three ancient Pokemon go? You’ll find out at a later time. After Maxie and Archie leave for Mount Pyre (talk to both of them), Wallace will thank you with HM07 Waterfall, and set the Gym before you. (Waterfall isn’t usable yet, but it will very shortly.)

Sootopolis Gym is complicated, to say the least. There are three icy floors where you have to step on each panel exactly once, or be beset by trainers. If you get each floor right the first time, you can go straight to Juan and fight no trainers whatsoever. (But not me – I LOVE to put myself in danger.) But in case you want to skip ahead, here is the pattern for each floor, starting at the stairs.

1st floor: ↑ ← ↑ → → ↑ ←
2nd floor: ↑←←← ↑ ↑ → →↓ → →↓ → → ↑ ↑ ← ← ←
3rd floor: ↑ ← ← ↑ ←↓ ← ← ↑ ↑ ↑ →↓ → → ↑ →↓ →↓ →↓ → ↑ → →↓ → ↑ ↑ ↑ ← ←↓ ← ↑ ← ←

Sootopolis Gym trainers (by floor):
~Lass Andrea: Luvdisc lv. 40, gives $640.
~Beauty Connie: Goldeen lv. 40, gives $3200.

~Lady Daphne: Luvdisc lv. 39, Luvdisc lv. 39, gives $7800.
~Pokefan Annika: Feebas lv. 39, Feebas lv. 39, gives $3120.

~Pokefan Bethany: Azurill lv. 35, Marill lv. 37, Azumarill lv. 39, gives $3120.
~Beauty Tiffany: Carvanha lv. 39, Sharpedo lv. 39, gives $3120.
~Lass Crissy: Goldeen lv. 39, Wailmer lv. 39, gives $624.
~Beauty Olivia: Clamperl lv. 35, Corphish lv. 37, Lombre lv. 39, gives $3120.
~Beauty Bridget: Azumarill lv. 40, gives $3200.
~Lady Brianna: Seaking lv. 40, gives $8000.

~Leader Juan: Luvdisc lv. 41, Whiscash lv. 41, Sealeo lv. 43, Crawdaunt lv. 43, Kingdra lv. 46, gives $4600.

~My team so far (before Juan).~

Io, genderless, lv. 45.
Ciel, female, lv. 45.
Shady, male, lv. 46.
Bellomence (Bellossom), female, lv. 45.
Windie, female, lv. 45.
Crimson, female, lv. 45.

Leave it to the Spanish heartthrob to be surrounded by beautiful women. (If you haven’t noticed that by now, you really have not been paying any attention at all.) Juan’s like a swimmer, but much harder, and his Pokemon know how to both take damage and dish it out effectively. I managed to luck out with Ice Beam and freeze his Kingdra for the whole fight. (A testament to how being frozen can be deadly – but don’t count on that.) If you win, you’ll gain the Rain Badge, which allows you the use of Waterfall outside of battle, the ability to fully control all traded Pokemon regardless of level, as well as TM03 (Water Pulse, a Water-type move of average power that may confuse the target).

By this time, stop for a while and give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations; you’ve made it through thick and thin, and netted all 8 of Hoenn’s gym badges! Now the Pokemon League awaits you in Ever Grande City. Teach one of your Pokemon Waterfall, and head east from Route 128. Climb the waterfall to reach a small flowering plateau. Notice Scott, who will congratulate you, and get in touch with you again once you become the League Champion. Ever Grande City is divided into two halves, separated by the Pokemon trainer’s greatest challenge yet – Victory Road...