Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 14

Part 14 marks the second of the two optional parts in my walkthrough – the first was Part 9. Now that you can use Dive and Waterfall, a bunch of new areas are open to you. Part 14 is totally optional, so if you want to jump into Victory Road immediately, feel free to skip ahead to Part 15, which covers Victory Road alone. In Part 14, we will be covering the following areas in the following order:

~Trick House 6 and Trick House 7
~Mount Pyre Peak (just a minor plot detail)
~Route 119 (Waterfall and Acro Bike needed)
~Abandoned Ship (Dive needed)
~Route 124 Dive patches (Dive needed – obviously)
~Route 125 and Shoal Cave (Strength and Rock Smash needed)
~Routes 132, 133, 134, Sealed Chamber, and the Regi sidequest (Multiple HMs needed)
~Sky Pillar (Mach Bike needed)
~Route 114 and Meteor Falls (Waterfall needed)

Please note, if an area requires the use of Dive or Waterfall, it is implied that Surf is also required. You can’t dive into land, can you?

Note that I’m doing the easy (and fun) ones first. So without further ado I shall begin with two Trick House puzzles! (Go to the Special section for information.)

The final Trick House puzzle, Trick House 8, can only be done once you beat the Pokemon League. For now, head to Mount Pyre’s peak to meet Maxie and Archie (and snag any Pokemon you may have missed). The Mount Pyre legend not rewritten slightly a-a-and... I’m bored already. Moving on.

Next on our path is Route 119. You’ll need to bring along Waterfall and the Acro Bike to get everything. There are also some nice Secret Base spots (indeed, some of the largest in the game).

Route 119 items: Hondew Berries x4, Nugget, Rare Candy

Now let’s go to the Abandoned Ship. You just need Dive, and the section to explore is very small. Look for sparkly places on the ground – they are either items to be found or pieces of trash. Ultimately, you will find the Scanner, which you can give to the scientist I mentioned before. He’ll tell you to give it directly to Capt. Stern, who will trade it to you for a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale. Both items are used to evolve Clamperl (give it to Clamperl in a trade). The tooth produces Huntail and the scale produces Gorebyss. You can pick either, but I prefer Gorebyss and find it better.

In regards to the puzzle in the ship itself, there are six rooms. 1-3 are the rooms on the south side from left to right, and 4-6 are the rooms on the north side from left to right. You’ll go through the rooms 3-1-4-6-2, and Room 2 has the Scanner. You can’t get into Room 5 normally, but if you go in there you will see an abundance of items/trash. Room 5 is connected to Room 6.

Sunken Ship items: Rm. 1 Key, Water Stone, Rm. 4 Key, TM18 (Rain Dance), Rm. 6 Key, Luxury Ball, Rm. 2 Key, Scanner

Next up, we have the numerous Dive patches on Route 124. On this route underwater, you can also find Relicanth, an elusive Water/Rock type Pokemon. (It’s also needed for a certain sidequest, so try to snag one if you can.) If you have a Route 124 map handy to find all the dive patches, then use that; there are a lot of patches. Otherwise, just try and find them all and get as many items as you can.

Route 124 Underwater items: Green Shard, Carbos, *Blue Shard, Heart Scales x2, Calcium, *Red Shard, Pearl, *Yellow Shard, Big Pearl, *Green Shard

The items marked with an asterisk (*) are not underwater, but are reached by diving underwater, and resurfacing at another point enclosed off by rocks (and is therefore only reachable by diving). For the Green Shard mentioned in this way, you have to go onto Route 126, find a certain dive patch there, and resurface and head north until you are on Route 124, where the Green Shard is.

A lot of treasure there, isn’t it? I advise you swap your shards at the Hunter’s house for elemental stones and clear your bag out of unnecessary space (such as selling your Pearls and Nuggets, and storing things in your PC) before proceeding to our next destination.

Next on the agenda is the route north of Mossdeep, Route 125. It contains Shoal Cave, a place whose layout varies with the tide. Route 125 contains several trainers, but Shoal Cave has none. In Shoal Cave, the tides alternate between high and low every 6 hours, and thus, to get all the items, you need to go through there at least twice and at different times of day. More details are given below.

Route 125 items: Big Pearl
Route 125 trainers:
~Expert Auron: Manectric lv. 33, Machamp lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Bird Keeper Presley: Tropius lv. 33, Xatu lv. 33, gives $1056.
~Swimmer [female] Tanya: Luvdisc lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Stan: Horsea lv. 34, gives $272.
~Sailor Ernest: Wingull lv. 33, Machoke lv. 33, gives $1056.
~Swimmer [male] Nolen: Tentacruel lv. 34, gives $272.
~Sr. & Jr. Kim and Iris: Swablu lv. 32, Numel lv. 35, gives $1120.

As I said earlier, the tides within Shoal Cave alternate between high and low every 6 hours. Each tide has 4 of a special Shoal item that can be acquired once daily. (The items regenerate the next day.) These items are required for the Shell Bell, which the old man at the entrance will make for you free, provided you bring him 4 Shoal Shells (found at high tide) and 4 Shoal Salts (found at low tide). Low-tide is especially notable because it reveals an ice-cold room, wherein lies the rare and elusive Snorunt, an Ice-type not found anywhere else in Hoenn.

Shoal Cave High-tide items: Shoal Shells x4 (available once per day), Rare Candy, Big Pearl

Shoal Cave Low-tide items: Ice Heal, Shoal Salts x4 (available once per day), Focus Band, Nevermeltice, TM07 (Hail)

Next on our string of stopovers is the system of sea routes between Pacifidlog and Slateport, Routes 132 through 134. You may have tried to go this way from Slateport, but it cannot be done, as this route is full of one-way currents. One unwary step could throw you all the way across an entire route! (It is theoretically possible.) To fight all the trainers and get all the items, you’ll need to go through these routes several times. Bring along a Pokemon with Fly if necessary to keep going back to Pacifidlog and start over.

Route 132 items: Rare Candy, Protein
Route 132 trainers:
~Swimmer [male] Gilbert: Sharpedo lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [female] Dana: Azumarill lv. 34, gives $272.
~Fisherman Ronald: Magikarp lv. 19, Gyarados lv. 21, Gyarados lv. 23, Gyarados lv. 26, Gyarados lv. 30, Gyarados lv. 35, gives $1400.
~Cooltrainer Darcy [female]: Pelipper lv. 33, Camerupt lv. 33, gives $1584.
~Expert Paxton: Swellow lv. 33, Breloom lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Cooltrainer Jonathan: Kecleon lv. 33, Loudred lv. 33, gives $1584.
~Expert Makayla: Roselia lv. 33, Medicham lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Black Belt Kiyo: Hariyama lv. 34, gives $1088.

Route 133 items: Big Pearl, Star Piece, Max Revive
Route 133 trainers:
~Expert Conor: Chinchou lv. 33, Hariyama lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Expert Mollie: Whiscash lv. 33, Meditite lv. 33, gives $1320.
~Bird Keeper Beck: Tropius lv. 34, gives $1088.
~Swimmer [female] Linda: Horsea lv. 33, Seadra lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [female] Debra: Seaking lv. 34, gives $272.
~Swimmer [male] Franklin: Sealeo lv. 34, gives $272.
~Cooltrainer Warren: Graveler lv. 33, Ludicolo lv. 33, gives $1584.

Route 134 items: Carbos, Star Piece
Route 134 trainers:
~Swimmer [female] Laurel: Luvdisc lv. 33, Luvdisc lv. 33, gives $264.
~Swimmer [male] Jack: Gyarados lv. 34, gives $272.
~Battle Girl Reyna: Meditite lv. 33, Hariyama lv. 33, gives $792.
~Black Belt Hitoshi: Machop lv. 32, Machoke lv. 32, gives $1024.
~Sailor Kelvin: Machoke lv. 33, Spheal lv. 33, gives $1056.
~Bird Keeper Alex: Natu lv. 33, Swellow lv. 33, gives $1056.
~Sailor Hudson: Wailmer lv. 34, gives $1088.
~Dragon Tamer Aaron: Bagon lv. 34, gives $1632.
~Cooltrainer Marley: Manectric lv. 34, gives $1632.

And now with all of THAT taken care of, we can take care of the matter of the Sealed Chamber and the Sky Pillar. However, these are quite lengthy sidequests, and both involve legendary Pokemon, so if you want to read more about them, view the Special area of the walkthrough.

There is one more area to cover before I close up this part. That area is Meteor Falls, a place where dragons lie, including the rare Bagon. There is one item on Route 114 you need Waterfall for (a Rare Candy). Once you get that you can head on to Meteor Falls (which you also need Waterfall for). Explore every crevice, and snag all the items – and a Bagon while you’re at it! (Bagon is found very rarely in one specific room, where you find TM02.) To start, head up the waterfall at the entrance.

Meteor Falls items: TM23 (Iron Tail), TM02 (Dragon Claw), PP Up
Meteor Falls trainers:
~Old Couple John and Jay: Medicham lv. 39, Hariyama lv. 39, gives $3120.
~Dragon Tamer Nicolas: Altaria lv. 37, Altaria lv. 37, gives $1776.

Now that all of the optional stuff is done, it’s time for Victory Road!