Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 15

Part 15 covers Victory Road, your final barrier between you and the Elite Four challenge. It’s one heck of a cave with powerful trainers throughout. You’ll need the moves Strength, Rock Smash, and Surf to get through, with Waterfall and Flash strongly recommended. You’ll need all your strength to win (notice every trainer in here is a Cooltrainer), so bring your best...are you ready?

Note: The items are listed based on what floor they appear on (1F, B1F, or B2F). The trainers are listed based both on their floor and their relative position. S signifies they’re nearer to the start of the dungeon, and E signifies they’re near the end. For example, a trainer marked B1FS comes before a trainer marked B1FE. B2F has no letters preceding it, as it is the halfway point in the dungeon.

1FS: No real HMs required. However, you will find Wally near the start of the dungeon, and he’s a LOT stronger. After fighting him you may want to go back and heal.

B1FS: Here you should activate Flash. Strength and Rock Smash are required. You may need to go up and down a staircase to get the items blocked by rocks.

B2F: Surf is required to get through here. Waterfall will get you through here faster, or you can take the long way around. If you go up through Waterfall, you will notice the fifth and final Winstrate, Vito. There are more trainers here, but that is because there are two different ways to get through this floor.

B1FE: Strength and Rock Smash are needed again. There are a few trainers left but not very many.

1FE: This is the home stretch. Only a few trainers are left, so sprint for the exit!

Victory Road items:
~(1F) Max Elixir, PP Up
~(B1F) Full Restore, TM29 (Psychic)
~(B2F) Elixir (hidden), Full Heal

Victory Road trainers:

~Cooltrainer Albert: Magneton lv. 43, Muk lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Pkmn Trainer Wally: Altaria lv. 44, Roselia lv. 44, Delcatty lv. 43, Magneton lv. 41, Gardevoir lv. 45, gives $2700.
~Cooltrainer Hope: Roselia lv. 45, gives $2160.

~Cooltrainer Shannon: Claydol lv. 45, gives $2160.
~Cooltrainer Samuel: Swellow lv. 42, Mawile lv. 42, Kadabra lv. 42, gives $2016.

~Cooltrainer Julie: Sandslash lv. 42, Tropius lv. 42, Ninetales lv. 42, gives $2016.
~Cooltrainer Owen: Kecleon lv. 42, Wailord lv. 42, Graveler lv. 42, gives $2016.
~Cooltrainer Dianne: Claydol lv. 43, Lanturn lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Felix: Medicham lv. 43, Claydol lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Caroline: Skarmory lv. 43, Sableye lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Vito: Dodrio lv. 42, Kadabra lv. 42, Electrode lv. 42, Shiftry lv. 42, gives $2016.

~Cooltrainer Michelle: Torkoal lv. 42, Ludicolo lv. 42, Medicham lv. 42, gives $2016.
~Cooltrainer Mitchell: Lunatone lv. 43, Solrock lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Halle [female]: Sableye lv. 43, Absol lv. 43, gives $2064.

~Cooltrainer Edgar: Cacturne lv. 43, Pelipper lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Katelynn: Gardevoir lv. 43, Slaking lv. 43, gives $2064.
~Cooltrainer Quincy: Slaking lv. 43, Dusclops lv. 43, gives $2064.

At last, we are out through to the other side of Ever Grande City. A lush paradise of flowers stands before you. Victory Road wasn’t that hard once we buckled down and marched through, right? Well, this wraps up Part 15. Now you are able to fly to either part of Ever Grande City at will. The Pokemon League is straight ahead of you, and it’s pretty strong, so if you want to do some training at this point, by all means do so. Once you are done with that, meet me back here again, and we’ll tackle Part 16, the Pokemon League!