Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 16

...and now, for the finale. The Pokemon League is your hardest challenge yet. You’ll have to face the Elite Four, then the Champion, all in a row, with no healing in between except for what items you bring in with you. Therefore, get lots of healing items (Hyper Potions and Revives specifically, plus Full Restores and Lava Cookies), and pack a team that can fight against various types of Pokemon that reach as high as level 58. Don’t hesitate to teach TMs...pull out all the stops. As an example for a sample team, here is my final “My team so far” update.

Ciel, female, lv. 52 @ Shell Bell: Swords Dance, Slash, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail
Windie, female, lv. 52 @ Lax Incense: Return, Endeavor, Fly, Aerial Ace
Crimson, female, lv. 52 @ King’s Rock: Confusion, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Psychic
Io, genderless, lv. 52 @ Magnet: Tri Attack, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Spark
Bello., female, lv. 52 @ Miracle Seed: Petal Dance, Moonlight, Acid, Sleep Powder
Shady, male, lv. 55 @ Quick Claw: Earthquake, Protect, Ice Beam, Surf

It is coincidental that two-thirds of my team is female, but the theme of my team is simple: Keep myself covered type-wise on virtually every front, and KO the enemy as quickly as possible. I recommend that you save after you defeat each member of the Elite Four, so if you run into bad luck you will not lose your progress. The Elite Four will not be easy...but here I go!

#1: Elite Four Sidney: Mightyena lv. 46, Cacturne lv. 46, Shiftry lv. 48, Crawdaunt lv. 48, Absol lv. 49, gives $4900.

Sidney’s specialty is Dark-types. Darks are weak to Fighting and Bug, and trump Ghost and Psychic, which they will tear apart. (Some of his team, to an extent, can even defeat Fighting-types.) His lead is Mightyena, which has Intimidate, so lead with a special attacker if you can. If you don’t have Fighting or Bug moves (I didn’t), hit at their secondary types (two are Grass, one is Water). Otherwise, just hit him hard and Sidney won’t give you much trouble.

My primary strategy: Lead with Ciel and open with Swords Dance. Rely on Slash.

#2: Elite Four Phoebe: Dusclops lv. 48, Banette lv. 49, Sableye lv. 50, Banette lv. 49, Dusclops lv. 41, gives $5100.

Ghosts, Phoebe’s choice of type, are weak to Ghost and Dark. She can give you a hard time, as she can attack with multiple types and is immune to Normal type moves (never mind the random Curse she may hit you with). Both of her Dusclops have really high defense, so coming ill-prepared will give you a very hard time.

My primary strategy: Lead with Ciel, open with Swords Dance, and use Shadow Ball to OHKO everything. If you can replicate this, go ahead.

#3: Elite Four Glacia: Sealeo lv. 50, Glalie lv. 50, Sealeo lv. 52, Glalie lv. 52, Walrein lv. 53, gives $5300.

Glacia, the third in line, uses Ice types. She’ll try to set up Hail before ruthlessly attacking you with moves like Crunch and Blizzard, the latter of which cannot miss in hail. Fire’s prominence is dulled (except against Glalie), as all her seals possess Thick Fat, halving Fire-type damage taken. Your best bet is to use Electric attacks to down the seals, and have either Fighting or Fire take on the Glalie. (A competent Fighting-type could theoretically sweep the whole team. Machamp or Medicham are both good choices.) Have Grass and Flying-types sit this one out; they’ll be slaughtered.

My primary strategy: Lead with Io and attack primarily with Thunderbolt. Glalie were taken down by Ciel with Iron Tail (Ice is also weak to Steel), and Shady with Earthquake (for sheer power factor).

#4: Elite Four Drake: Shelgon lv. 52, Altaria lv. 54, Kingdra lv. 53, Flygon lv. 53, Salamence lv. 55, gives $5500.

Drake wields the power of dragons, possessing high power and few weaknesses. However, dragons have a glaring weakness: Ice. Four of his Pokemon are weak to it, and three of them have double weakness. (In R/S he had another Flygon instead of Kingdra, further exposing his weakness to Ice.) However, his party possesses many moves to decimate the Ice-type (primarly Rock Slide and Flamethrower), however, virtually all Water-types can learn Ice Beam via TM. Kingdra is the anomaly; its only weakness is Dragon, which you probably don’t have, so strike it down fast, as it likes to use Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed. Now, save your team and heal up, and prepare for the final clash...

My primary strategy: Lead with Shady and sweep the entire team with Ice Beam. Kingdra was downed using Earthquake.

#5: Champion Wallace: Wailord lv. 57, Ludicolo lv. 56, Tentacruel lv. 55, Whiscash lv. 56, Gyarados lv. 56, Milotic lv. 58, gives $11600.

Wallace is no Steven, possessing a vast array of Rock and Steel types, but his Water types are no joke either. Most of them possess secondary types that not only cover each other, but in some cases cover themselves (e.g. Ludicolo and Whiscash aren’t weak to Electric attacks). Wallace will frequently switch out his teammates so that your moves will be less effective (for example, if you use an Electric attack, he may switch to Whiscash, making the attack useless). Pretty much every team member of his carries nasty surprises, but of particular notice are the last two: Gyarados and Milotic. In my first attempt against Wallace, these two alone KO’d all but one of my team members. (I reset my GBA and tried again, so the record of that shameful fight is lost.) Fight your way through his behemoths to obtain the justly earned title of League Champion!!

My primary strategy: Lead with Shady (aesthetic purposes) and defeat Wailord with Earthquake. Each of the other team members was handled uniquely:
Ludicolo – Windie (due to Flying-type weakness)
Tentacruel – Crimson and Io (due to Psychic-type weakness)
Whiscash – Bellomence (due to double Grass-type weakness)
Gyarados – Io and Shady (due to Electric-type weakness). Gyarados knows Earthquake, and therefore it OHKO’d Io.
Milotic – Bellomence, Io, and possibly Shady. Milotic is a real beast, and walls both of its weaknesses. A combined assault was necessary.

After your fight with Wallace you’ll have your team inducted into the Hall of Fame, which you can access from any PC. Here’s how I did:

Healing items used:
2 Hyper Potions (one during Drake fight, one after)
1 Full Heal (during Wallace fight)
1 Revive (during Wallace fight)

Hall of Fame Debut: 45:02:32 (the reason I took so long is because I was writing this walkthrough out at the same time)

Congratulations on your first run through the Pokemon League!