Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 17

[Please note: Currently, Part 17 is INCOMPLETE. It contains most information relevant to the part of the game it refers to, but some information is still lacking.

The following information is missing from Part 17:
Information of Steven’s team]

Now that the credits have rolled and you’re back in Littleroot, what now? Start by heading down the stairs (har har har). Your ‘dad’ will be there and he’ll give you the SS Ticket for some ferry in Slateport or Lilycove. Then the TV will rattle to life, bringing you a news report of a...what color? Well, unlike R/S, in Emerald you actually get to pick who appears! Saying red will make Latias appear, and saying blue will make Latios appear. They are level 50, are Dragon/Psychic types, have the ability Levitate, and they roam the routes of Hoenn. There is little difference between the two save for their stats. They’ll run if you see them, so bring a Pokemon with Mean Look or Block (or with Shadow Tag), a bunch of Ultra Balls and Repels, and a Pokemon with False Swipe. Unlike in GSC, putting them to sleep won’t work. (Or you could be cheap and use a Master Ball, BUT Emerald has a cloning glitch so you may want to hold off.) After you see it once, it stays the same, so you won’t have to worry about it healing or anything.

Outside of your house, Birch is waiting...to upgrade your Pokedex to National mode. Now you can find Pokemon from regions other than Hoenn, and also trade with FireRed and LeafGreen games (provided they also have finished their small sidequest). Shortly thereafter Scott will call you up about this new place he wants to show you on the ferry. Cool – Scott will shortly reveal his secret! (In Part 18. Hohoho.)

At this point there are a lot of things you can do. Let’s enumerate on them in this list:

~Trick House 8
~Desert Underpass
~Safari Zone
~Steven will appear in Meteor Falls
~Kyogre and Groudon appear randomly
~Birch will give you a Johto starter Pokemon
~Gym Leaders will challenge you for rematches
~S. S. Tidal and the Battle Frontier
~And much much more!

...you’re noticing a pattern here in that I always do the Trick Houses first. This is the final Trick House, though, unfortunately. If you want to go do it, look in the Special section. I will mention these points in the order that I have listed them, however, these quests may be done in any order.

Next on the list is the Desert Underpass. Fly to Fallarbor Town and go to the Fossil Maniac’s house. He’s dug his tunnel even further...to the Desert Underpass. This tunnel is notable for two reasons: it contains wild Ditto in it (oh goody, fun at the Daycare), and it has the other fossil from Mirage Tower (the one you previously could not acquire).

Up next is the Safari Zone. It is much the same as in Ruby and Sapphire. It is comprised of 4 areas (6 after you defeat the Pokemon League), 2 of which are only accessible via a certain bike. It features PokeBlock feeders, which will attract Pokemon that like those PokeBlocks (for example, if you put in a Yellow PokeBlock, which is sour, coming back later will draw Pokemon who have natures that boost Defense, as Defense-boosting natures correspond to sour flavor). The two extra zones feature many Johto-region Pokemon, and need Surf and Waterfall to be best maneuvered.

Safari Zone items:
~Big Pearl (South zone)
~Zinc (North zone, hidden)
~Nugget (North zone)
~Max Revive (Southwest zone)
~TM22 Solarbeam (Northwest zone)
~Calcium (Northeast zone)

Safari Zone information:
South and Southwest zones: Always accessible. The South zone is the entrance. In R/S, South is the Southeast zone.
North zone: Acro Bike required for access. In R/S it is the Northeast zone.
Northwest zone: Mach Bike required for access.
Northeast and Southeast zones: Only accessible after the Champion is defeated. In R/S, these zones do not exist.

Next, you can go to Mossdeep City and go to Steven’s house. There is a Poke Ball on the table which contains a level 5 Beldum (which eventually goes to Metagross, an incredibly powerful Pokemon). Speaking of Steven, where is he? He’s in Meteor Falls (as suggested by Wallace if you call him on the PokeNav). After you beat the Champion, a room will exist that was not there before (it’s visible from the entrance room, in the northwest corner). At the very back Steven will mention one of the most blatant typos in all of Pokemon – and then battle you to cover it up. (What’s the typo? Go find him yourself, you lazy person.) His team is the same in R/S, except 20 levels higher...

Pkmn Trainer Steven: [Steven’s team information coming soon!]

Now, in Sootopolis, you saw Kyogre and Groudon vanish. Well, they’re deep in hiding, but you can find them. Go to the Weather Institute, and talk to the scientist on the second floor. He’ll remark on an intense drought or rainstorm in a certain route in Hoenn – freak weather caused by Groudon or Kyogre. Head to the route in question and look around for a cave; if it’s Groudon, look for a cave in a rock face; if it’s Kyogre, look for a diving patch (to reach Kyogre you will need Surf and Dive). Groudon or Kyogre will be waiting inside at level 70. Groudon knows Rest, Fissure, Solarbeam, and Fire Blast; Kyogre knows Rest, Sheer Cold, Hydro Pump, and Double-Edge. If you don’t go to the cave, it will disappear, but then reappear in another place (talk to the scientist again to find out where).

After you’ve done that (or just want to come back to this stuff later), what’s next? Well, there are three main things. First, if you fully complete the Hoenn Pokedex (having registered all 200 Pokemon as owned), you can visit Professor Birch and he will give you one Johto starter Pokemon of your choice (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile). In Generation III games, these starter Pokemon can only otherwise be acquired from Pokemon Colosseum. Second, you are now able to challenge the Hoenn gym leaders to double-battle rematches (check the PokeNav in the same way you would check for trainer rematches) for more experience and a challenge. (You can find information on the Gym Leader teams in the Special section.) Or, you can board the S. S. Tidal, which is what I’ll be doing next. Fly to either Slateport or Lilycove and go to the port. The first time you go on the ferry, you can only travel to the other city. When you enter the ship, though, Scott will come up, congratulate you again, and invite you to the Battle Frontier! Turns out, Scott’s secret is that he owns this Battle Frontier, which is where he invites all the great trainers (although he doesn’t say it right away). After this first voyage you are able to sail there at will. For now, why not check out the ship?

Note: If you don’t get everything in your first run on the ship, you can always go to Slateport/Lilycove and travel to the opposite city. Your room is room #2, and in it is a bed where you can heal your team to full health as often as needed. (Your bed is a different color than all the others.)

SS Tidal items: TM49 (Snatch), Leftovers
SS Tidal trainers:
~Young Couple Lea & Jed: Luvdisc lv. 45, Luvdisc lv. 45, gives $2880.
~Rich Boy Garret: Azumarill lv. 45, gives $9000.
~Gentleman Micah: Manectric lv. 44, Manectric lv. 44, gives $3520.
~Pokefan Colton: Skitty lv. 22, Skitty lv. 36, Skitty lv. 40, Skitty lv. 12, Skitty lv. 30, Delcatty lv. 42, gives $3360.
~Lady Naomi: Roselia lv. 45, gives $9000.
~Gentleman Thomas: Zangoose lv. 45, gives $3600.
~Sailor Phillip: Tentacruel lv. 44, Machoke lv. 44, gives $1408.
~Sailor Leonard: Machop lv. 43, Machoke lv. 43, Pelipper lv. 43, gives $1376.

There’s sure a motley crew on board this ship, isn’t there? There are the two Cleanup Brothers below decks, the lovey-dovey Luvdisc, a Skitty for all seasons, and Micah is a definite nod to the Growlithe fellow on the SS Anne from RBY.

You’re now able to access the Battle Frontier via SS Tidal. (And when you reach there, you can also fly there freely.) This section of the game is so huge and has so many tidbits...it deserves a whole other section – the final part of this walkthrough, Part 18.