Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 2

Okay, so you have your Pokedex, your Poke Balls, and your starter would should be at least level 7 by now. What do you do? First of all, start catching now Pokemon to add to your team, first of all – you can’t go through the whole game with just your starter.

One thing you’ll notice is that the guy blocking Route 102 has cleared off, so you can continue on to new frontiers. Route 102 is the first route where you’ll find other trainers (who will challenge you) to battle, so battle often to get more Exp. (and money) for your team. It’s also the only place you can catch a Ralts, a potent Psychic-type Pokemon, so it’s worth snagging one. Ralts are rare, so be prepared to take a while. Zigzagoon also has the ability Pickup, which can pick up items for you after battles, so capture one of those also. It also doubles as an HM Slave.

Route 102 items: 2 Pecha Berries, 2 Oran Berries, Potion
Route 102 trainers:
~Youngster Calvin: Poochyena lv. 5, gives $80.
~Bug Catcher Rick: Wurmple lv. 4, Wurmple lv. 4, gives $64.
~Youngster Allen: Zigzagoon lv. 4, Taillow lv. 3, gives $80.
~Lass Tiana: Zigzagoon lv. 4, Shroomish lv. 4, gives $64.

After all those trainers you’re now in Petalburg City. Rest at the Pokemon Center, then head over to the gym and talk to your dad Norman. In a bit a boy named Wally comes in, and you’re going to help him catch a Ralts. (Lucky stiff! He gets one on the first try and I have to spend 15 minutes!) Well, anyway, after you help Wally he will thank you. He’ll head off, and your dad will ask you to head to Rustboro City to defeat the Gym Leader Roxanne, but first you might want to stop by Wally’s parents in the northwest of town. They’ll express their heartfelt thanks for you making Wally happy, but now it’s time for you to be on your way.

~My team so far.~

Every so often I’ll post my team’s levels to show you how I’m doing so far in-game. I may do it at the beginning or end of each part or (usually) before important battles. Here’s my first team post. Oddly enough, most of the team is female.

Shady (Mudkip), male, lv. 8
Wurmple, female, lv. 5
Zigzagoon, female, lv. 3
Silvee (Poochyena), female, lv. 5
Crimson (Ralts), female, lv. 4

As you can see I name my team members after people I know (usually). I will continue this trend throughout this walkthrough and my game whenever I find a good moment.