Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 3

Route 104 is on your way to Rustboro, but suddenly you get accosted by a strange man who’s looking for talented trainers. Who is he and what could he want? You’ll meet him quite a bit during your travels. For now, press onward.

South Route 104 items: 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, Poke Ball
South Route 104 trainers:
~Youngster Billy: Zigzagoon lv. 5, Seedot lv. 7, gives $112.
~Fisherman Darian: Magikarp lv. 9, gives $112.
~Lady Cindy: Zigzagoon lv. 7, gives $1400.

Petalburg Woods is a dividing line in Route 104 (hence why I’ve divided it into North and South). Proceed through it and get closer to Rustboro, but watch out for surprises! When you first come in, there’s a Potion in a blank patch of grass (press A while facing it), and that way out near it finds you the Poke Ball I mentioned above. Halfway through the forest you will be battled by a Team Aqua grunt who’s harassing someone; defeat the grunt and the harassed Devon Corp. worker will give you a Great Ball.

Petalburg Woods items: Potion, Paralyze Heal, Ether – Cut required: Miracle Seed, X Attack, Great Ball
Petalburg Woods trainers:
~Bug Catcher Lyle: Wurmple lv. 3, Wurmple lv. 3, Wurmple lv. 3, Wurmple lv. 3, gives $48.
~Team Aqua Grunt: Poochyena lv. 9, gives $180.
~Bug Catcher James: Nincada lv. 6, Nincada lv. 6, gives $96.

North Route 104 has a lot of intriguing views and features. One thing you’ll notice is the Pretty Petals Flower Shop. You can get the Wailmer Pail there to start growing your own Berries, and out back there are hidden items. (After you get 3 badges you can come back here for a White Herb, and you’ll be able to also buy plants for your Secret Base.) This is also the first route you encounter a 2-on-2 battle, so get used to the battle tactics implemented.

A 2-on-2 battle (Double Battle) will occur when you are sighted by two people right next to each other (in most cases they give 2-on-2 battles; the two people usually look the same but there are exceptions), or when two different trainers sight you at the same time, and they both walk toward you, so you have to engage them both in a 2-on-2 battle. The rewards are the same either way you battle, but 2-on-2 battles will get the job done faster if you’re up to the task.

North Route 104 items: TM09 (Bullet Seed), 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, Poke Ball (hidden), Super Potion (hidden), Potion, Wailmer Pail, 3 Leppa Berries, 2 Cheri Berries, 1 Chesto Berry, X Defense – Cut required: X Accuracy
North Route 104 trainers:
~Rich Boy Winston: Zigzagoon lv. 7, gives $1400.
~Lass Haley: Lotad lv. 6, Shroomish lv. 6, gives $140.
~Twins Gina & Mia: Lotad lv. 6, Seedot lv. 6, gives $140.
~Fisherman Ivan: Magikarp lv. 5, Magikarp lv. 6, Magikarp lv. 7, gives $280.

Well, now you’re in Rustboro City right now, but you have a lot of ground to cover. To start, go into the house next to the Pokemon Center (after healing your team) to get HM01, Cut. You can use it outside of battle when you have Rustboro’s badge, and that’s not far off. Next, head to the Trainer’s School and talk to the headmaster for a Quick Claw – a useful held item that may grant your Pokemon the first strike every so often. You’ll also notice the strange man from Oldale Town – he will introduce himself as Scott and refer you to the Cutter – who you’ve already seen. Moving on.
In the southwest of town are Devon Flats, where a boy on 2F gives you a Premier Ball – identical to the Pokeball in efficacy save for the cool graphic. Next to the gym is a boy who will give you a Seedot for a Ralts. (I recommend you pass; Ralts are a pain to get, and there are other places to catch Seedot.)
Your next stop is the Gym, where you’ll get your first badge. The gym trainers focus on Rock-types, so type-trump using Water or Grass (if you picked Torchic, evolve to Combusken and teach him the Fighting-type Double Kick, which also trumps Rock).

~My team so far.~

This is my team status before any of the Gym Trainers. I need to level up more.

Shady (Mudkip), male, lv. 11
Crimson (Ralts), female, lv. 7
Silcoon, female, lv. 7
Zigzagoon, female, lv. 4
Silvee (Poochyena), female, lv. 6
Windie (Taillow), female, lv. 5

Rustboro Gym trainers:
~Youngster Josh: Geodude lv. 10, gives $160.
~Youngster Tommy: Geodude lv. 8, Geodude lv. 8, gives $128.
~Hiker Marc: Geodude lv. 8, Geodude lv. 8, gives $320.
~Leader Roxanne: Geodude lv. 12, Geodude lv. 12, Nosepass lv. 15, gives $1500.

The Stone Badge, given to you by Roxanne, will let you use Cut outside of battle. You are also given TM39 Rock Tomb, a Rock-type move that lowers the enemy’s Speed if it hits.