Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 4

Right as you walk out of the gym with your first shiny new badge, you will witness an Aqua Grunt run out of Devon Corp. and steal something. Follow him (but heal your team first) and you’ll see the Devon employee from before, asking you to apprehend the Grunt in Rusturf Tunnel Route 116 is home to a few more species of Pokemon such as Skitty and Nincada, so check out each new area for new Pokemon.

Route 116 items: Pearl, X Special – Cut required: Potion, Ether, 6 Pinap Berries, 4 Chesto Berries
Route 116 trainers:
~Youngster Joey: Machop lv. 9, gives $144.
~Bug Catcher Jose: Wurmple lv. 8, Nincada lv. 8, gives $128.
~School Kid Karen: Shroomish lv. 9, gives $180.
~Youngster Johnson: Shroomish lv. 8, Lotad lv. 8, gives $128.
~Hiker Clark: Geodude lv. 8, gives $320.
~Hiker Devan: Geodude lv. 8, Geodude lv. 8, gives $320.

(Cut required:)
~Lady Sarah: Lotad lv. 8, Zigzagoon lv. 8, gives $1600.
~Rich Boy Dawson: Zigzagoon lv. 8, Poochyena lv. 8, gives $1600.
~Lass Janice: Marill lv. 9, gives $144.
~Schoolkid Jerry: Ralts lv. 9, gives $180.

You’ll notice if two trainers notice you at the same time, you will have to fight a Double Battle against them. It’s quicker if your team can handle two trainers at once, but otherwise you might want to approach them separately.

On this route, you’ll hear of two people tell of a goon making mischief in Rusturf Tunnel, and one says his Wingull, Peeko, has been taken from him. Head in the tunnel (where Whismur abound) and take the item, then apprehend the Grunt.

Team Aqua Grunt: Poochyena lv. 11, gives $220.

The tunnel itself is blocked off for now, so the grunt will give you back the Devon Goods and run off. The old man who owns Peeko will thank you and introduce himself as Mr. Briney. He will be important shortly, but for now, exit the tunnel and head back. If you stop at the rest house on Route 116, one guy will remark that you’d have to go around across the sea to get to the other side (of the tunnel). And that’s what we’re going to do.

When you give the researcher the Goods back, he’ll give you another Great Ball and bring you to meet Devon Corp.’s president, and ask you to deliver the Goods to the shipyard in Slateport City. The president will then give you a letter to take to Steven in Dewford and give you a PokeNav, which has a map and a few other features. When you deliver the Letter, you can return to the president for an Exp. Share (a hold item that gives Experience to the holder, even if it didn’t fight; it’s a useful item to raise up low-level guys quickly).

As you leave, the PokeNav will be given the “Match Call” feature. Use it to contact various NPCs such as trainers you’ve battled before, and Gym Leaders. You’ll also notice May/Brendan as you leave Rustboro. S/he will remark that s/he saw Mr. Briney – and then challenge you to battle. Her/his team is as follows. (I think this is an optional battle, but it’s still good for Exp.)

Pokemon Trainer May/Brendan: Lotad/Wingull/Slugma lv. 13 (whichever is the same type as your starter; Lotad counts as Grass), Opposing Starter lv. 15, gives $900.

After you defeat her/him (pant pant), head to Briney’s Cottage on Route 104. On the way back you may want to get at some of the trees you can Cut down, and talk to every trainer you pass so you can register them (some will, and some won’t).

~My team so far.~

Shady (Mudkip), male, lv. 15
Crimson (Ralts), female, lv. 10
Beautifly, female, lv. 10
Silvee (Poochyena), female, lv. 10

At the time I wrote this, Crimson had 1,337 exp. Seriously. I disregarded my other team because they are HM slaves.

Anyway, once you meet up with Briney, he’ll agree to sail you off to Dewford and then Slateport to complete your errands, so off you go!