Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 5

On the trip to Dewford you’ll register your dad Norman in the PokeNav. When you land you’ll see a small little community. Your goals are to deliver the Letter to Steven and beat the gym leader, Brawly, before moving on. Snoop around town to find some items such as the Old Rod, TM36 (Sludge Bomb), and the Silk Scarf. There’s also the place where you can change a trendy phrase, which will influence the appearance of Feebas (but that’s not for a long time yet).

Route 106 will take you to Granite Cave, where Steven is. It’s pitch-black down below, and although you can explore the cave, it’s more frustrating without Flash. However, here’s the info for Route 106 (on land):

Route 106 items: Stardust (hidden at a rock)
Route 106 trainers:
~Fisherman Ned: Tentacool lv. 11, gives $440.
~Fisherman Elliot: Magikarp lv. 10, Tentacool lv. 7, Magikarp lv. 10, gives $400.

Dewford Gym is dark on the inside. You only get a larger visual radius when you beat trainers, so it’s easy to get lost. They use Fighting-types, so counter with Flying or Psychic such as Taillow or Ralts. An alternate strategy to use against them is Sableye, who is immune to virtually every attack they throw at you. Whatever your strategy may be, use caution – they hit quite hard.

Dewford Gym trainers:
~Battle Girl Laura: Meditite lv. 13, gives $312.
~Battle Girl Lilith: Meditite lv. 13, gives $312.
~Sailor Brenden: Machop lv. 13, gives $426.
~Black Belt Cristian: Makuhita lv. 13, gives $416.
~Black Belt Takao: Machop lv. 13, gives $416.
~Battle Girl Jocelyn: Meditite lv. 13, gives $312.
~Leader Brawly: Machop lv. 16, Meditite lv. 16, Makuhita lv. 19, gives $1900.

~My team so far (right before Brawly).~

Crimson (Ralts), female, lv. 13
Shady (Marshtomp), male, lv. 18
Beautifly, female, lv. 11
Windie (Taillow), female, lv. 13
Silvee (Poochyena), female, lv. 11

Admittedly, I did a lot of level-grinding in Granite Cave beforehand. Brawly is hard and annoying, so I had to beef myself up for levels. I went through Brawly with little trouble due to type-trumping (I used only Crimson and Windie) and lucky crits, but he’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure. The Knuckle Badge gives you the ability to use Flash outside of battle, as well as giving you the ability to command all trades you get level 30 or below without question. (Your own Pokemon, though, will always obey you regardless of how many badges you have.) He also gives you TM08, Bulk Up, which raises the user’s Attack and Defense 1 stage each.

Now that Brawly’s out of the way, let’s head to Granite Cave. You can use Flash now (get it from the hiker right inside), so use it to light your path below. You’ll noticed a few rocks and a landslide – come back with HM06 and the Mach Bike to get everything in Granite Cave.

Granite Cave items: HM05 (Flash), Escape Rope, Poke Ball, Everstone (hidden at a rock on B2F).

Meeting Steven will get you TM47 (Steel Wing, an attack that may also raise the user’s Defense after dealing Steel-type damage) and the ability to go on to Slateport. However, at this point, you can go back to Rustboro and talk to Mr. Stone; he will give you the Exp. Share for delivering the Letter to Steven. (Briney will disappear after a certain point in the game, so seize the moment.) You can get it later, but I recommend getting it now.) Once you have all your affairs in order, talk to Mr. Briney and head on to Slateport!