Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 6

Route 109 is a beach filled with tons of trainers and a beach house. If you defeat every last trainer on the beach, a guy will give you 6 Soda Pops and the ability to buy more Soda Pop from him at $300 apiece. (Soda Pop is a one-use healing item that restores 60 HP to a Pokemon.) The trainers here use mostly Water-types – are you up to the challenge?

Route 109 items: Soft Sand (from little girl building sandcastle), Soda Pop x6
Route 109 trainers:
~Sailor Huey: Wingull lv. 12, Machop lv. 12, gives $384.
~Tuber Hailey: Marill lv. 13, gives $52.
~Tuber Ricky: Zigzagoon lv. 13 (careful – it knows Surf), gives $52.
~Sailor Edmond: Wingull lv. 13, gives $416.
~Tuber Lola: Azurill lv. 12, Azurill lv. 12, gives $48.
~Tuber Chandler: Tentacool lv. 12, Tentacool lv. 12, gives $48.
~Tuber Simon: Azurill lv. 12, Marill lv. 12, gives $48.
~Beauty Johanna: Goldeen lv. 13, gives $1040.
~Sailor Dwayne: Wingull lv. 11, Machop lv. 11, Tentacool lv. 11, gives $352.

Slateport City got a huge makeover in Emerald, but it’s still no less impressive. The harbor has several shops which you can use to spruce up your Secret Base (when you get one), and the Fan Club can give you various scarves (if your Pokemon has a high condition in a certain quality) and the Soothe Bell (if your Pokemon love you enough). And to top it off, the Name Rater can change your Pokemon’s nicknames! But first, buy yourself a Harbor Mail (it’ll be important later) and find the Shipyard. (It’s the funky building in the southeast of town.) Talk to the guy in front of the blueprint, and he’ll say that Capt. Stern went off somewhere else. Go to the Oceanic Museum and pay the $50 entry fee (you’ll notice the background music is a remix of the SS Anne’s music). You may want to look around the museum a bit before leaving, for some educational purposes. One of the grunts will recognize you from Rusturf Tunnel and give you TM46 as atonement, and then take off. (TM46 is Thief, which steals the opponent’s held item as it deals damage.) Head upstairs, view the other exhibits (if you want), then talk to the scientist – Stern. Team Aqua will then barge in, and you’ll have to battle two grunts.

Team Aqua Grunt: Carvanha lv. 15, gives $300.
Team Aqua Grunt: Zubat lv. 14, Carvanha lv. 14, gives $280.

After you make short work of these fools, Team Aqua’s leader, Archie, will come in and introduce himself, say something about Team Magma, then go into a diatribe about how Team Aqua is devoted to the sea and its connection to everything’s well-being, but then turn right around and threaten you not to meddle with them. Real nice, eh?

When they leave, Stern will thank you and accept the Devon Goods, heal your team, and rush off. So what should you do? Well, head outside...where you’ll see Scott again. He thinks you drove out Team Aqua from Slateport, and as a kind gesture he’ll register himself in your PokeNav, then head off again.

Once you’ve taken care of business, head north to Route 110, but you may first want to check out the Battle Tent in Slateport. It’s played out like the Battle Factory (you rent three Pokemon, and have an opportunity to swap after each battle), and a guy here also gives you TM41 (Torment, which prevents the opponent from using the same move twice in a row). Okay, NOW you can go on.