Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 7

Route 110 is a route that contains Hoenn’s Cycling Road, which is a pathway, made exclusively for cyclists, that bypasses the tall grass of the route. (You don’t have a bike yourself yet, but we’ll get to it.) It also contains the mysterious Trick House, which will introduce you to new, strange, and fun puzzles, giving you chances for rewards.

When you enter Route 110 Birch will appear and register you. From this route, you can make a short detour to Route 103, go to the trick house, or continue on Route 110 and meet up with May/Brendan. Yes, your rival is here, so prepare yourself!

The information for items and trainers on Routes 110 and 103 is listed below. For more information on the Trick House, please view the walkthrough’s Special section. For more information on the rival battle, scroll further down.

Route 103 items: Cheri Berries x4, Leppa Berries x2, Guard Spec.
Route 103 trainers:
~Guitarist Marcos: Voltorb lv. 15, gives $480.
~Black Belt Rhett: Makuhita lv. 15, gives $480.
~Aroma Lady Daisy: Shroomish lv. 14, Roselia lv. 14, gives $560.
~Twins Amy and Liv: Plusle lv. 15, Minun lv. 15, give $360.
~Pokefan Miguel: Skitty lv. 15, gives $1200.
~Fisherman Andrew: Magikarp lv. 5, Tentacool lv. 10, Magikarp lv. 15, gives $600.

(Note: For Route 110, before fighting your rival, you can only fight the first three trainers listed and you can’t get any of the items. Everything else on the route is after you fight your rival. Info here excludes Cycling Road, which will be covered in Part 8.)

Route 110 items: Dire Hit, Elixir, Poke Ball (hidden), Nanab Berries x9
Route 110 trainers:
~Pokefan Isabel: Plusle lv. 14, Minun lv. 14, gives $1120.
~Pokefan Kaleb: Minun lv. 14, Plusle lv. 14, gives $1120.
~Youngster Timmy: Aron lv. 15, Electrike lv. 13, gives $208.
~Collector Edwin: Lombre lv. 14, Nuzleaf lv. 14, gives $280.
~Guitarist Joseph: Electrike lv. 14, Voltorb lv. 14, gives $448.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Alyssa: Magnemite lv. 15, gives $600.
~Psychic Edward: Abra lv. 15, gives $360.
~Fisherman Dale: Tentacool lv. 11, Wailmer lv. 14, Tentacool lv. 11, Wailmer lv. 14, gives $200.

~My team so far (right before May/Brendan fight).~

Silvee, female, level 17.
Shady, male, level 20.
Windie, female, level 18.
Crimson, female, level 17.

The fight with May/Brendan will not be easy, and the recent battles in the Trick House and Route 103 have toughened me up well. Here’s the rival’s status. Victory nets you the Itemfinder, helping you find hidden items.

Pkmn Trainer May/Brendan: Lombre lv. 18, Slugma lv. 18, Wingull lv. 18, gives $1200.

(Note: The Pokemon of your starter type is her lead, as in Rustboro. For her team lineup, replace the Pokemon of your own starter’s weakness with the middle-stage form of your rival’s starter, at level 20. For example, if you picked Treecko, she leads with Lombre, and instead of Slugma she has a level 20 Combusken.)

You will most likely need to heal at this point, so if you do, rush back to the Pokemon Center and finish up the rest of Route 110.

Now you are in Mauville City, unique to Hoenn in that there are four pathways out of the city. You have a lot to do here, so listen well. When you first enter, go into the first house you see and talk to the girl. She will offer you a Coin Case in exchange for a Harbor Mail (you did buy it, right?), which will allow you to waste your life and money at the Game Corner. But play there on your own time; I’m moving on! Next, pick up the X Speed you see and get your bike at the Bike Shop – the Mach Bike is built for going very fast, while the Acro Bike can perform tricks. (You can swap your bikes here at any time, so don’t worry about making a horrible mistake – certain areas in the game can only be accessed if you have one specific bike.) Backtrack a bit and head to the southeast house to get HM06, Rock Smash. You’ll need 3 badges to use it, but that won’t be far off. Heal at the Pokemon Center (you’ll notice a random guy here, who will change if you mix records with friends), then head to the gym. You’ll notice...Wally. He’ll want you to test his strength, so oblige him.

Pkmn Trainer Wally: Ralts lv. 16, gives $960.

For this point in the game, he isn’t as strong as other trainers you’ll fight. However, you will fight him again in the future...a long way off. Wally will express his thanks and go home with his uncle to Verdanturf. The uncle will ask you to come visit him sometime. Then Scott will apprehend you and praise you for your battle with Wally. And, as usual, he disappears again.

Now, you can either go toward Verdanturf via Route 117 to the west, or you can go into Mauville Gym. Myself, I am going there first. They use Electric-types, and Magnemite is common among the trainers. Those who picked Treecko will have a hard time here (you may want to consider raising Grovyle to level 29 for Leaf Blade), but it’s still doable. (Then again, if you picked Treecko, you may want to go train on Route 117 first. If you do, the Route 117 info is only a short ways down.)

Mauville Gym trainers:
~Battle Girl Vivian: Meditite lv. 17, Meditite lv. 17, gives $408.
~Guitarist Kirk: Electrike lv. 17, Voltorb lv. 17, gives $544.
~Youngster Ben: Zigzagoon lv. 17 (careful – it knows Thunderbolt), Gulpin lv. 17, gives $272.
~Bug Maniac Angelo: Illumise lv. 17, Volbeat lv. 17, gives $1020.
~Guitarist Shawn: Voltorb lv. 17, Magnemite lv. 17, gives $544.
~Leader Wattson: Voltorb lv. 20, Electrike lv. 20, Magneton lv. 22, Manectric lv. 24, gives $2400.

~My team so far (before Wattson).~

Shady, male, level 21.
Windie, female, level 19.
Bellomence (Oddish), female, level 18.
Crimson, female, level 19.
Silvee (Mightyena), female, level 18.

Personally, I liked Lt. Surge better than this guy. Anyway, on to business. Anyone with Marshtomp is a shoe-in, as Ground totally shuts him down (however, Manectric can still give you some trouble). Combusken does quite well for trumping Steel, and Grovyle can at least hold his own (since, despite his poor matchup against Magneton, he can resist Electric-type moves). Wattson likes to paralyze your team with Thunder Wave (which won’t miss due to 100% accuracy) and strike first (although Manectric will most likely strike first regardless of your status), so a rule of thumb is to keep a lot of Paralyze Heal and Soda Pop on hand, and strike before stricken. The Dynamo Badge lets you use Rock Smash outside of battle (joy), and TM34 is Shock Wave, an Electric-type move that cannot miss (it is the Electric variation of the move Swift).

Thanks to Exp. Share I had Crimson evolve this match (to a Kirlia). Your next stop should be Verdanturf, so head west to Route 117, which boasts the famous Daycare Center, where you can have your Pokemon breed and produce eggs, or just have your Pokemon level up. (For more info on breeding, read the Breeding Guide, outside this walkthrough.)

Route 117 items: Wepear Berries x9, Revive, Great Ball
Route 117 trainers:
~Triathlete [Runner] Dylan: Doduo lv. 17, gives $680.
~Pkmn Breeder Isaac: Whismur lv. 11, Makuhita lv. 11, Zigzagoon lv. 11, Aron lv. 11, Poochyena lv. 11, Taillow lv. 11, gives $440.
~Jr. & Sr. Anna and Meg: Zigzagoon lv. 15, Makuhita lv. 17, gives $544.
~Triathlete [Runner] Maria: Doduo lv. 17, gives $680.
~Battle Girl Aisha: Meditite lv. 17, gives $408.
~Psychic Brandi: Ralts lv. 17, gives $408.
~Triathlete [Runner] Melina: Doduo lv. 17, gives $680.
~Bug Maniac Derek: Dustox lv. 16, Beautifly lv. 16, gives $960.
~Pkmn Breeder Lydia: Wingull lv. 11, Marill lv. 11, Goldeen lv. 11, Shroomish lv. 11, Roselia lv. 11, Skitty lv. 11, gives $440.

Verdanturf is a paradise in nature, quiet with little links to the outside world. Wally lives here, but before that you have some small business in Rusturf Tunnel. It’s time to break the tunnel open. The side entrance out of Rusturf contains an HP Up and some Blackglasses (hidden), and in the tunnel there is one trainer:

Hiker Mike: Geodude lv. 16, Geodude lv. 16, Machop lv. 16, gives $480.

Take care of him, claim the Max Ether, and move and smash the rocks (via the move Rock Smash). The black belt will thank you with HM04 Strength. You need one more badge to use it in the field, but in battle it is quite a useful move, and most evolved Pokemon can learn it. He will then leave with Wanda (his lover and Wally’s cousin) back to Verdanturf. Before heading back, go out the other end (towards Rustboro). A Devon employee (yes, again, it is the same one from before) will give you a Repeat Ball as thanks and then inform you that there are new Poke Ball varieties for purchase at the Rustboro Mart. (They are the Repeat Ball – which has increased chances of success if you have owned that Pokemon before or currently, and the Timer Ball – which has increased chances of success the longer the battle is prolonged. Or so it says. I’ve never had success with the Timer Ball in the prescribed manner.)

Okay, NOW you can head back. Go to Wanda’s house (second house at the south of town) and talk to everybody there. Before you leave Verdanturf, note that there is a girl who’ll tell you how much your Pokemon like you (which is one house to the left of Wanda’s), and a Battle Tent that is akin to the Battle Palace (where you cannot command your Pokemon directly, but they act based on what nature they have). A girl in there gives you TM45 (Attract, which infatuates foes of the opposite gender), and Scott is there also. (Say hi.) Our next stop is to head north from Mauville, so prepare yourself and head out.