Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 8

~My team so far.~

Bellomence, female, level 19.
Silvee, female, level 19.
Windie, female, level 21.
Crimson (Kirlia), female, level 21.
Shady, male, level 22.

It’s a long hike to the next town on our route (and there are many tough trainers along the way), so at this point I’m going to get my team some extra experience by training on Cycling Road (on Route 110) and talking another Trick House puzzle on Route 111. (For this Trick House puzzle, view ‘Trick House 2’ in the Special section.)

Cycling Road trainers:
~Psychic Jaclyn: Abra lv. 16, gives $384.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Abigail: Magnemite lv. 16, gives $640.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Anthony: Magnemite lv. 14, Magnemite lv. 14, gives $560.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Benjamin: Magnemite lv. 16, gives $640.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Jasmine: Magnemite lv. 14, Magnemite lv. 14, Voltorb lv. 6, gives $240. (This is such a gyp.)
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Jacob: Voltorb lv. 6, Voltorb lv. 6, Magnemite lv. 14, gives $560.

Route 111 is a very long route, so bring your best and brightest. You’ll need to traverse three routes with only one rest stop in order to get to the next town. You’ll notice the Winstrates (four battles in a row with a Macho Brace reward), Trainer Hill (which is closed for now), and Gabby and Ty, who appear several times throughout Hoenn. You can’t visit the desert just yet due to the raging sandstorms, so go around.

South Route 111 items: Elixir
South Route 111 trainers:
~Aroma Lady Celina: Roselia lv. 18, gives $720.
~Camper Tyron: Sandshrew lv. 19, gives $304.
~Kindler Hayden: Numel lv. 18, gives $526.
~Picnicker Bianca: Shroomish lv. 18, gives $288.
~Gabby & Ty: Magnemite lv. 17, Whismur lv. 17, give $1632.
~Picnicker Irene: Shroomish lv. 17, Marill lv. 17, gives $272.
~Camper Travis: Sandshrew lv. 18, gives $288.
~Winstrate [Pokefan] Victor: Taillow lv. 16, Zigzagoon lv. 16, gives $640.
~Winstrate [Pokefan] Victoria: Roselia lv. 17, gives $680.
~Winstrate [Lass] Vivi: Marill lv. 15, Shroomish lv. 15, Numel lv. 15, gives $600.
~Winstrate [Expert] Vicky: Meditite lv. 18, gives $720.

(Note, you must fight all four of the Winstrates in a row without any breaks in between. In addition, there is a fifth Winstrate – Vivi’s brother – that you will fight much later in the game.)

Since you can’t access the desert at this point, head west through Route 112. You’ll notice two Team Magma grunts blocking the Cable Car off, so for now go through the Fiery Path. They’ll mention the rest of the team being at Fallarbor – which is where we are headed.

Route 112 items: Rawst Berries x4, Pecha Berries x4, Nugget (after Cable Car opens)
Route 112 trainers:
~Camper Larry: Nuzleaf lv. 18, gives $288.
~Picnicker Carol: Taillow lv. 17, Lombre lv. 17, gives $272
~Hiker Brice: Numel lv. 17, Machop lv. 17, gives $680.
~Hiker Trent: Geodude lv. 16, Geodude lv. 17, Geodude lv. 16, gives $640.
~Kindler Bryant: Numel lv. 18, Slugma lv. 18, gives $576.
~Aroma Lady Shayla: Shroomish lv. 18, Roselia lv. 18, gives $720.

(Note, the trainers above are from both sides of the Fiery Path; Route 112 is divided into two halves, however, since the route as a whole is so short, I compiled both the south and north parts of the route into one listing.)

Once you get the fourth badge, you can go back to the Fiery Path to acquire a Fire Stone and TM06 (Toxic, a move that inflicts poison status with damage worsening every turn). For now, keep on trudging. The rest stop I mentioned earlier is here, and there are a few other goodies to be found.

North Route 111 items: TM43 (Secret Power), Oran Berries x4, Razz Berries x6, Razz Berry (available once a day)
North Route 111 trainers:
~Cooltrainer Wilton: Electrike lv. 17, Makuhita lv. 17, Wailmer lv. 17, gives $816.
~Cooltrainer Brooke: Wingull lv. 17, Numel lv. 17, Roselia lv. 17, gives $816.
~Blackbelt Daisuke: Machop lv. 19, gives $608. (Requires Mach Bike.)

Acquiring TM43 (Secret Power) from the fellow here will unlock a new shop in Slateport Harbor, where you can purchase decorations for your Secret Base. In battle, Secret Power is a Normal-type move with good attack power, and can also inflict a side effect depending on the surrounding environment.

You’re on the home stretch of this hike, so press onward. Route 113 has volcanic ash constantly raining over it, and the ash has transformed the landscape. There is a guy here who can make Secret Base decorations and flutes out of ash, and will give you a Soot Sack (which you will use to collect the ash – 1 piece of ash is 1 pace in ashy tally grass). There are also a few concealed items...and trainers! Surprise!

Route 113 items: Ether (buried), Super Repel, Nugget (buried), Max Ether, TM32 (Double Team, buried), Hyper Potion
Route 113 trainers:
~Youngster Jaylen: Trapinch lv. 19, gives $304.
~Pokemaniac Wyatt: Aron lv. 18, Aron lv. 18, gives $1080.
~Camper Lawrence: Baltoy lv. 18, Sandshrew lv. 18, gives $288.
~Ninja Boy Lung: Koffing lv. 18, Ninjask lv. 18, gives $216.
~Parasol Lady Madeline: Numel lv. 19, gives $760.
~Twins Tori and Tia: Spinda lv. 19, Spinda lv. 19, gives $456.
~Ninja Boy Lao: Koffing lv. 17, Koffing lv. 17, Koffing lv. 17, gives $204.
~Youngster Dillon: Aron lv. 19, gives $304.
~Picnicker Sophie: Marill lv. 17, Lombre lv. 19, gives $304.
~Bird Keeper Coby: Skarmory lv. 17, Swellow lv. 19, gives $608.

Fallarbor Town is a small quaint place and, admittedly, my favorite place in all Hoenn. In the Pokemon Center, the girl by the PC is Lanette, developer of your Pokemon storage system (upgrading on Bill’s). Go by her house later on Route 114 for a gift. The Battle Tent here follows Battle Arena rules (in which you must attempt to defeat opponent’s Pokemon within 3 rounds, and if not, get graded on your performance). Scott’s there also. (Say hi again.) The Move Tutor will teach old forgotten moves to Pokemon in exchange for Heart Scales, but in another house a woman will remark that a Professor Cozmo went off on Route 114 with Team Magma. Whatever they may be doing, it’s your job to stop them. I’ll sweep quickly through this route and just list the items and trainers.

Route 114 items: TM28 (Dig), TM05 (Roar), Rare Candy (up the waterfall – come back later), EnergyPowder, Persim Berries x6, Random berry (available once a day), Lotad Doll, Carbos (hidden under a rock), Protein (requires Rock Smash)
Route 114 trainers:
~Fisherman Nolan: Barboach lv. 19, gives $760.
~Fisherman Kai: Barboach lv. 19, gives $760.
~Picnicker Charlotte: Nuzleaf lv. 19, gives $304.
~Fisherman Claude: Magikarp lv. 16, Goldeen lv. 17, Barboach lv. 18, gives $720.
~Picnicker Nancy: Marill lv. 18, Lombre lv. 18, gives $288.
~Sr. & Jr. Tyra and Ivy: Roselia lv. 18, Graveler lv. 20, gives $640.
~Camper Shane: Sandshrew lv. 18, Nuzleaf lv. 18, gives $288.
~Pokemaniac Steve: Aron lv. 19, gives $1140.
~Kindler Bernie: Slugma lv. 18, Wingull lv. 18, gives $576.
~Hiker Lucas: Geodude lv. 18, Numel lv. 18, gives $720.
~Picnicker Angelina: Lombre lv. 18, Marill lv. 18, gives $288.
~Hiker Lenny: Geodude lv. 18, Machop lv. 18, gives $720.

Now you’ve reached Meteor Falls. On your first trip here you can only pick up a few items (Full Heal and Moon Stone); the rest can be explored when you get Waterfall. For now, you have a gang to apprehend. Head north at the entrance for a Full Heal, then go west toward Team Magma. Before they get a chance to attack you, Archie and Team Aqua will appear, and Team Magma will run off to Mount Chimney (our next stop). Archie will ask you to watch out for Magma and then give chase. Go past the professor for a Moon Stone, then go back and talk to him. He’ll introduce himself as Cozmo and say that Team Magma stole his Meteorite, and wonder what will happen at Mount Chimney. It’s up to you to find out!

Head back to the Cable Car (which is now open), and ride to the top. You’ll notice a big confrontation between Aqua and Magma, where Magma is trying to use the Meteorite to awaken ‘the thing in the volcano’. What could they mean? Head toward the northwest and prepare to fight off several grunts...and eventually, Magma’s leader.

Team Magma Grunt [female]: Numel lv. 20, gives $400.
Team Magma Grunt [male]: Zubat lv. 20, gives $400.
Magma Admin Tabitha: Numel lv. 18, Poochyena lv. 20, Numel lv. 22, Zubat lv. 22, gives $880.

~My team so far.~

Windie, female, level 25.
Shady, male, level 26.
Silvee, female, level 25.
Bellomence, female, level 25.
Crimson, female, level 24.

Next up on the list is Maxie, Team Magma’s leader and a boss in his own right. He’ll mumble about what he plans on doing, and then take note of you. Then he’ll rave on about how the land is so great and that his goal is just, and tell you not to meddle. (Sound familiar?) Either way, you have to fight him. Ready for a battle that has one heck of a theme behind it? Here goes...

Magma Leader Maxie: Mightyena lv. 24, Zubat lv. 24, Camerupt lv. 25, gives $2000.

This battle actually marks the first time for me the first time I used an X Special (or X anything for that matter). His lead has the Intimidate ability, which sharply cuts your Attack, so either have something powerful as your open, or lead with a special attacker. After you defeat Maxie, he and his team will leave, but not before mentioning something about an Orb...

Archie will come up and thank you, say that Team Aqua will continue business as usual (sigh), and then leave himself. Before you yourself leave, take the Meteorite – give it to Cozmo the next time you see him in Fallarbor Town; he will give you TM27 in exchange. (TM27 is Return, which is a move that increases in power the more the Pokemon likes you.) After you give him the Meteorite and get badge #4, trainers will appear at Mount Chimney – but I’ll cover that later.

Just south of the Cable Car atop Mount Chimney, there is an exit that leads to the Jagged Pass. If you have the Acro Bike, you can battle all the trainers and get all the items (all one of them) in one go, but you may just want to try and avoid everyone, what with the Maxie fight. I, however, will go battle everyone. There’s a particularly suspicious Magma Grunt here. Take note of his location...it will be important later...

Jagged Pass items: Burn Heal
Jagged Pass trainers:
~Hiker Eric: Geodude lv. 20, Baltoy lv. 20, gives $800.
~Team Magma Grunt [male]: Poochyena lv. 22, Numel lv. 22, gives $440.
~Picnicker Diana: Shroomish lv. 19, Swablu lv. 19, Oddish lv. 19, gives $304.
~Picnicker Autumn: Shroomish lv. 21, gives $336.
~Triathlete [Cyclist] Julio: Magnemite lv. 21, gives $840.
~Camper Ethan: Zigzagoon lv. 20, Taillow lv. 20, gives $320.

Welcome to Lavaridge Town, a small cozy place by Mount Chimney. There isn’t much here to do, but there are a few fun tidbits. First, a woman by the Hot Springs will give you a Pokemon egg (it will hatch into a level 5 Wynaut, which is Wobbuffet’s pre-evolution). Second, there is a shop that sells herbal medicine (powerful stuff, but bitter-tasting and will make your Pokemon like you less), and third, there is the gym. It’s a complicated maze of volcanic holes, hidden trainers (all of them)...and fire! Shall we?

Lavaridge Gym trainers:
~Kindler Jeff: Slugma lv. 22, Slugma lv. 22, gives $704.
~Hiker Eli: Numel lv. 23, gives $920.
~Kindler Jace: Slugma lv. 23, gives $736.
~Cooltrainer Gerald: Kecleon lv. 23 (careful – it knows Flamethrower), gives $1104.
~Kindler Cole: Numel lv. 23, gives $736.
~Kindler Axle: Numel lv. 23, gives $736.
~Kindler Keegan: Slugma lv. 23, gives $736.
~Battle Girl Danielle: Meditite lv. 23, gives $552.
~Leader Flannery: Numel lv. 24, Slugma lv. 24, Camerupt lv. 26, Torkoal lv. 29, gives $2900.

~My team so far (before Flannery).~

Shady, male, level 27.
Crimson, female, level 26.
Silvee, female, level 26.
Bellomence, female, level 26.
Windie, female, level 26.

Water-types are going to have a field day at this gym (no surprises there), and Flannery is no different. Be careful though; her team is fond of using Overheat, a devastating Fire-type move that sharply cuts the user’s Special Attack after use. Despite the drawback, the first use of that move could very well knock you out in one shot. Be wary of the Torkoal also; its White Smoke ability prevents its stats from being lowered (so forget relying on Sand-Attack), and it knows Attract also. So if you’re fighting the Torkoal with a male Pokemon, cross your fingers and hope you’re lucky. The Heat Badge, given to you upon your victory, allows you to use Strength in the field, and gives you full authority over all Pokemon received in trades that are level 50 or below. She also gives you TM50 as proof of victory, which contains Overheat (which I just mentioned).

After you get your next shiny badge (joy), your rival May/Brendan will appear, and s/he will give you the Go-Goggles, a key item which will allow you to explore the desert on Route 111. S/he will suggest you go fight your ‘dad’ Norman at Petalburg Gym, and then ride off. Yes, I know this part of the walkthrough is long, but just bear with me until Petalburg and I promise to break this part off. (I’ll take care of the desert later.)

You can head back to Petalburg either by going through Meteor Falls to Route 115, or go through the Rusturf Tunnel. I’m going to go through Rusturf Tunnel because it’s faster and has no new trainers to encounter. (If you want to go through Route 115, refer to Part 9 for info on the route.)

Petalburg Gym itself is quite interesting in its design. It’s divided into seven rooms, each with one trainer inside it. Each room has a name that reflects the trainer, and the trainer uses a Pokemon centered on that theme. (In Ruby/Sapphire each trainer used a specific item, but in Emerald the Pokemon itself reflects the theme. The trainers also carry Hyper Potions, so come prepared.) Defeating the trainer in that room unlocks a path forward. (At the very least, you only need to fight 3 trainers, but due to Norman’s difficulty, you may want to fight a few more.) The Pokemon here are all Normal-types, but have tricks up their sleeves, so stay frosty!

Petalburg Gym trainers:
~[Speed Room:] Cooltrainer Randall: Swellow lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[Accuracy Room:] Cooltrainer Mary: Delcatty lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[Confusion Room:] Cooltrainer Parker: Spinda lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[Defense Room:] Cooltrainer Alexia: Wigglytuff lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[Recovery Room:] Cooltrainer George: Slakoth lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[Strength Room:] Cooltrainer Jody: Zangoose lv. 26, gives $1248.
~[One-Hit KO Room:] Cooltrainer Berke: Vigoroth lv. 26, gives $1248.
~Leader Norman: Spinda lv. 27, Vigoroth lv. 27, Linoone lv. 29, Slaking lv. 31, gives $3100.

~My team so far (before Norman).~

Shady, male, level 31.
Crimson, female, level 28.
Silvee, female, level 28.
Bellomence (Gloom), female, level 28.
Windie, female, level 28.

Jumping into Gym 5 right after Gym 4 is not easy, considering that these Cooltrainers are fond of Hyper Potions (the Strength and One-Hit KO Rooms are the hardest of all – they can make VERY short work of you). So, it’s not a big surprise that Norman is a lot harder. (I had to level-grind a bit more in preparation for the fight. My team stats reflect my team after the level-grind.) Slaking’s Truant is a weakness you should exploit; his Pokemon are total power-houses. For me, everything was hard up to Slaking (because of Truant), so if you get that far you have basically won. Victory nets you TM42 (Façade, a strong Normal-type move that doubles in power if the user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned) and the ability to use Surf in the field, which is one of the most useful moves (and abilities) in the game. Treasure it well! This was one hard battle.

After your battle Wally’s dad will drag you off and give you HM03, which is Surf. With this you can explore all sorts of new frontiers!

See? I promised I’d cut off here. See you in a bit.