Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough - Part 9

Well, now that you have Surf, you can explore all sorts of new places. Therefore, the entirety of Part 9 is devoted to all the side areas you can explore at this point. This part is purely optional, so you may skip to Part 10 if you wish, but doing Part 9 is recommended, as it’s good for lots of experience and items.

First off, head to Littleroot, and go talk to your mother. Since you beat Norman, she will give you the Amulet Coin, a hold item that doubles prize money obtained from trainers if the holder participates. Rake in the dough.

Next, let’s head to the desert. In the desert there is a strange tower called the Mirage Tower. It doesn’t appear every day, and you will need Rock Smash and a Mach Bike to reach the top. At the top you will see two fossils – Root and Claw. You only get to take one...for now. The Root Fossil will become Lileep and the Claw Fossil will become Anorith. Taking either fossil causes the tower to crumble and vanish (permanently), along with the other fossil. You can take the fossil you have now to Devon Corp. in Rustboro where a scientist will resurrect it for you. Your new Pokemon will be at level 20. (You will be able to acquire the other fossil later. In Ruby/Sapphire, you could only obtain one, but in Emerald you can obtain both.)

While we’re here in the desert, why not explore it a little? The weather is a constant sandstorm, which harms all Pokemon slightly at the end of each turn, save for Rock, Ground, and Steel types. (And Cacnea/Cacturne, because they have Sand Veil.) Speaking of Sand Veil, Sandshrew and Cacnea have this ability, and it increases their evasion, so your attacks won’t always hit them (but they can hit you just fine), so be wary when engaging one of these. In fact, all the Pokemon in the desert have some trap for you (Trapinch has Arena Trap, which prevents non-Flying-types and Pokemon without Levitate from escaping battle, and Baltoy has Selfdestruct, which will deal a lot of damage and kill itself, making Baltoy one of the hardest non-legendary Pokemon to catch – which makes me sad because the Baltoy line is one of my favorite Pokemon lines). You’ll also notice some peculiar ruins here, but they’re shut for now. They conceal a great and powerful secret...

Desert items: Stardust (hidden), TM37 (Sandstorm), Rare Candy (hidden), Stardust
Desert trainers:
~Ruin Maniac Dusty: Sandslash lv. 23, gives $1380.
~Picnicker Celia: Marill lv. 22, Lombre lv. 22, gives $352.
~Ruin Maniac Bryan: Sandshrew lv. 22, Sandslash lv. 22, gives $1320.
~Camper Branden: Taillow lv. 22, Nuzleaf lv. 22, gives $352.
~Picnicker Becky: Sandshrew lv. 22, Marill lv. 22, gives $352.
~Picnicker Heidi: Sandshrew lv. 22, Baltoy lv. 22, gives $352.
~Camper Beau: Baltoy lv. 21, Baltoy lv. 21, Sandshrew lv. 21, gives $336.
~Camper Drew: Sandshrew lv. 23, gives $368.

Mount Chimney is also nearby, so let’s defeat the trainers there also. You’ll notice there is a woman right by the Cable Car that sells Lava Cookies for $200 apiece. Lava Cookies are not only tasty, they have the same effect as a Full Heal (which normally costs $700), so buy as many Lava Cookies as you can.

Mount Chimney trainers:
~Beauty Shirley: Numel lv. 21, gives $1680.
~Beauty Sheila: Shroomish lv. 21, gives $1680.
~Expert Shelby: Meditite lv. 21, Makuhita lv. 21, gives $840.
~Hiker Sawyer: Geodude lv. 21, gives $840.
~Beauty Melissa: Marill lv. 21, gives $1680.

Now, I will go through a quick listing of all the routes we have previously visited and name all the items you can now acquire with Surf. This may be a bit time-consuming, but if you want a sense of completeness, go ahead and take these items. There are also two trainers to fight on Route 103.

Route 103 trainers:
~Swimmer [male] Pete: Tentacool lv. 15, gives $120.
~Swimmer [female] Isabelle: Marill lv. 15, gives $120.

Route 104 items: PP Up
Petalburg City items: Rare Candy (hidden), Max Revive
Route 110 items: Rare Candy
Route 111 items: HP Up

While you are here you can also do two more Trick House puzzles and the New Mauville sidequest. For Trick House 3 and 4, view the Special section. For New Mauville, keep reading.

On the trip past Mauville, you’ll notice Wattson hanging around. He’ll ask you for a favor – to go down to New Mauville and shut down its generator. New Mauville is an abandoned power plant on Route 110 (go due south, Surf right away and head east) full of Electric Pokemon, fake items (Voltorb disguised as Poke Balls), and colored switches. Turn the generator off by stepping on the red switch at the very back. Once you’ve done that, return to Wattson and receive your reward, TM24 (Thunderbolt, a powerful Electric move that may also inflict paralysis on the target).

New Mauville items: Ultra Ball, Escape Rope, Paralyze Heal, Full Heal, Thunderstone

My next stop is Route 115 (you can reach it by going through Meteor Falls or come up from Rustboro). You may have stumbled on it already, but there’s one bit that we need Surf to reach, hence why I held it off until now. Route 115 also offers some exotic wild Pokemon not found anywhere else. Bring Rock Smash, Surf, and the Mach Bike to get all the goodies.

Route 115 items: Great Ball, Bluk Berries x6, PP Up, Super Potion – Surf required: TM01 (Focus Punch), Heal Powder, Kelpsy Berries x6, Iron (requires Mach Bike)
Route 115 trainers:
~Black Belt Nob: Machop lv. 19, gives $608.
~Collector Hector: Zangoose lv. 18, Seviper lv. 18, gives $1080.
~Psychic Marlene: Meditite lv. 18, Spoink lv. 18, gives $432.
~Battle Girl Cyndy: Meditite lv. 18, Makuhita lv. 18, gives $432.
Route 115 trainers (Surf required):
~Black Belt Koichi: Machop lv. 24, Machoke lv. 28, gives $896.
~Triathlete [Runner] Kyra: Doduo lv. 26, Dodrio lv. 26, gives $1040.
~Ninja Boy Jaiden: Ninjask lv. 26, Gulpin lv. 26, gives $312.
~Expert Timothy: Hariyama lv. 27, gives $1080.
~Psychic Alix: Kadabra lv. 26, Kirlia lv. 26, gives $624.
~Battle Girl Helene: Meditite lv. 26, Makuhita lv. 26, gives $624.

We only have a few stops left on our side quest. I will cover the sea routes between Petalburg and Slateport (in two pieces), and lastly the Abandoned Ship. Although we can’t explore all of the Abandoned Ship yet, we will cover most of it. There are Water Pokemon by the truckload in these places (both with trainers and running wild), so bring Electric or Grass types to give yourself an easier time. While there, you may notice some peculiar ruins there...

Route 105 items: Big Pearl (hidden), Iron
Route 105 trainers:
~Swimmer [female] Imani: Marill lv. 26, gives $208.
~Swimmer [male] Dominik: Tentacool lv. 26, gives $208.
~Ruin Maniac Foster: Sandshrew lv. 25, Sandslash lv. 25, gives $1500.
~Bird Keeper Josue: Taillow lv. 25, Wingull lv. 25, gives $800.
~Ruin Maniac Andres: Sandshrew lv. 25, Sandshrew lv. 25, gives $1500.
~Swimmer [female] Beverly: Wingull lv. 25, Wailmer lv. 25, gives $200.
~Swimmer [male] Luis: Carvanha lv. 26, gives $208.

Route 106 items: Protein
Route 106 trainers:
~Swimmer [male] Douglas: Tentacool lv. 24, Tentacool lv. 24, gives $192.
~Swimmer [female] Kyla: Wailmer lv. 26, gives $208.

We are passing by Dewford Town at this point, so you may find it nifty to go snag the remaining items in Granite Cave (accessible only via the Mach Bike). The items are Repel, Rare Candy, and Everstone (hidden). You will need to build up speed to ride over a fragile floor, so it may take you several tries before you get it right.

Whether or not you do that, now I will cover Routes 107 through 109, and lastly the Abandoned Ship, and then wrap up Part 9. The Abandoned Ship is on Route 108, and I will be covering it last due to the abundance of trainers inside (after I heal at Slateport after I defeat every trainer in this stretch of ocean), but you can go in wherever you wish.

Route 107 items: None.
Route 107 trainers:
~Swimmer [female] Denise: Wingull lv. 25, Goldeen lv. 25, gives $200.
~Swimmer [male] Tony: Carvanha lv. 26, gives $208.
~Sis & Bro Lisa and Ray: Goldeen lv. 27, Tentacool lv. 25, gives $600.
~Swimmer [male] Darrin: Tentacool lv. 24, Wingull lv. 24, Tentacool lv. 24, gives $192.
~Triathlete [Runner] Camron: Staryu lv. 26, gives $1040.
~Swimmer [female] Beth: Goldeen lv. 26, gives $208.

Route 108 items: Star Piece, Rare Candy (hidden)
Route 108 trainers:
~Swimmer [female] Missy: Goldeen lv. 26, gives $208.
~Swimmer [male] Matthew: Carvanha lv. 26, gives $208.
~Swimmer [female] Tara: Horsea lv. 25, Marill lv. 25, gives $200.
~Cooltrainer Carolina: Manectric lv. 24, Swellow lv. 24, Manectric lv. 24, gives $1152.
~Sailor Cory: Wingull lv. 24, Machop lv. 24, Tentacool lv. 24, gives $768.
~Swimmer [male] Jerome: Tentacruel lv. 26, gives $208.

Route 109 items: PP Up
Route 109 trainers:
~Young Couple Mel and Paul: Dustox lv. 27, Beautifly lv. 27, gives $1728.
~Bird Keeper Elijah: Skarmory lv. 25, Skarmory lv. 25, gives $800.
~Fisherman Carter: Wailmer lv. 25, Tentacruel lv. 25, gives $1000.
~Swimmer [male] David: Tentacool lv. 25, Carvanha lv. 25, gives $200.
~Swimmer [female] Alice: Goldeen lv. 24, Wingull lv. 24, Goldeen lv. 24, gives $192.
~Tuber Austina: Marill lv. 26, gives $104.
~Tuber Gwen: Marill lv. 26, gives $104.

Now that all those routes are taken care of, we shall head to the Abandoned Ship. The Abandoned Ship is a sad old wreck lying on Route 108, slowly filling with water. Mostly dilapidated, it frequently has trainers looking around for ‘buried treasure’ inside. You may want to join them and search yourself, but be prepared for some battles.

Abandoned Ship items: Harbor Mail, Escape Rope, Dive Ball, Revive, Storage Key (opens a door to a room with TM13 Ice Beam in it)
Abandoned Ship trainers:
~Youngster Demetrius: Zigzagoon lv. 25, Electrike lv. 25, gives $400.
~Beauty Thalia: Wailmer lv. 25, Horsea lv. 25, gives $2000.
~Sailor Duncan: Spheal lv. 25, Machoke lv. 25, gives $800.
~Tuber Charlie: Marill lv. 26, gives $104.
~Young Couple Kira and Dan: Volbeat lv. 25, Illumise lv. 25, gives $1600.
~Tuber Jani: Marill lv. 26, gives $104.
~Ruin Maniac Carlson: Sandslash lv. 26, gives $1560.

I’ve noticed an odd glitch here (it also exists in Ruby/Sapphire) that sometimes if you walk into the first room, Charlie (who is in the opposite room) may see you and walk over and challenge you to a battle – despite the fact that you two are separated by a solid wall. This only will happen one time and you can’t walk into the wall yourself either. Charlie isn’t hard – this is just a weird occurrence.

You’ll notice a scientist working for Capt. Stern looking for a Scanner on the ship. Once you gain the ability to dive underwater, you’ll be able to get all the goodies on this ship. (And the Scanner.)

~My team so far.~

Shady (Swampert), male, level 36.
Bellomence, female, level 33.
Silvee, female, level 32.
Crimson (Gardevoir), female, level 32.
Windie, female, level 32.
Io (Magneton), genderless, level 32.

The side quests have both a lot of items and a lot of experience to give out. I even had opportunities to add an Electric-type to my team (I caught a Magnemite in New Mauville and raised it), as well as teaching Ice Beam to my Swampert (marking the first time I’ve used a TM during the in-game story). With this experience under my belt, I’m ready to trudge forward to the next part in the story.