Long Time! 08/19/2010
Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything new in on the site news page. A lot has happened!

We now have three affiliates, you can find links to all three above the chatbox at the bottom of the page. Be sure to check them out!

I'm also going to be playing around with the site CSS and HTML coding to try to make an actual unique skin and layout for the site, so it doesn't look so... default for lack of better words.

To catch up on all the latest changes, be sure to go to our forums!

Aero Blitz
Assistant Admin & PM Webmaster
Recent Updates 05/24/2010
There have been several happenings since the last new news.
  • Site has gotten a new theme, a new banner is also being made.
  • Chatbox has been moved, and now appears on all pages.
  • We got our first affiliate! MegaMan Battle Network RPG3! Check them out by clicking their affiliate button down below by the chatbox.
Aero Blitz
- Hyper Moderator
Haven't posted any new news in a while...

  • Pokemon Black and White versions were announced as the name of the new 5th generation names!
  • The DNA Dex now has 110 entries finished, with only 383 Pokemon left to be added.
  • A new addition to the forums is the new 'Fakemon' section, there you can submit your ideas for new Pokemon, that cold possibly be used in the RPG. You can find more information on how that all works in the forums
That is all for now.

~ Aero Blitz
Pokemon Mansion Webmaster
Well, after a little bit of work, I have renovated the site, looks better than before, if you see any errors please let me know in the comments, or by using the contact form.

~Aero Blitz
New Walkthrough! 03/12/2010
I finally got around to adding Bass' new walkthrough of Pokémon Emerald! I'm sure you all can find a use for it, or even know someone else who may need it.

~Aero Blitz
Changes 02/13/2010
Hello, recently I changed the theme of the site, and in my opinion is looks better than before. When i get the time I plan on making the banner a tad bit more 'exciting'.

Nothing much else has happened.

~Aero Blitz
The Japanese Pokemon website announced that the 5th generation of Pokemon is under development, and slated for release late 2010.

You can read the official announcement on Bulbapedia, here

~ Aero Blitz
Hello everyone, just like to let you know of some stuff happening, first of all a new page with a chronological history of Pokemon Mansion has been created, there are a few dates listed, but nothing much so far, please go to the topic in the forums(click here) to suggest dates to add.

Also, i'm accepting guides to be put on the site, private message them to me or use the contact us page to send them to me.

Aero Blitz
Welcome! 01/21/2010
Welcome, this is the first official news post here ate the new Pokemon Mansion website!

Please enjoy the site, and be sure to check the topic in the forums where you can find out how to submit your guides and tutorials, the topic is located in Site Discussion.

~Aero Blitz