The Pokémon Mansion Staff

Here is a list of all the staff here at Pokémon Mansion, along with what position(s) they have, and a short description of them. Clicking there name will send you to their profile on the forums.

Founder, and Co-Administrator
Bass is the founder of Pokemon Mansion, and he is also the oldest staff member. He has many varied interests besides Pokemon, and enjoys talking on a variety of subjects. He rarely gets angry, and can easily make friends with others.

Position: Hyper Moderator
- PiplupFan is the only girl on the staff, she is also the youngest staff member. She is also fun to be around, and is usually very cheerful and rarly gets angry. She is the sister of Aero Blitz, another staff member.

Aero Blitz
Position: Assistant Admin, Web Master
- Aero Blitz is one of the two Super Moderators, he another person who is hard to anger, he is also a good person to be around, and is quite fun.

Position: Super Moderator

- KuribohFan is the other Super Moderator of Pokemon Mansion. He is also a nice guy to get to know.

Position: Forum Moderator
- He is a good natured guy, who is fun to talk with, and is easy going just like the rest of the staff here.