A Guide To Pokémon Natures - By Bass

Natures, introduced in Generation 3, are values which affect the Pokemon's growth of stats as they level up, and their overall stat range. Natures that boost a specific stat will make that particular stat 10% higher for the Pokemon at level 100 than for a nature that doesn't boost that specific stat. However, all natures that boost one stat will drop another, and that stat will be 10% lower than a Pokemon whose nature does not affect that stat. (So far, the only stat not affected by any nature is HP.)

For example, say we have three arbitrary Pokemon, all at level 100. They are the same species, and have the same DVs and EVs - the only difference are their natures. One of them has a Docile nature (does not raise or lower any stat), one of them has a Modest nature (raises Special Attack, lowers Attack), and the third has an Adamant nature (raises Attack, lowers Special Attack). If the Pokemon with the Docile nature has an Attack stat of 300, then the Adamant one would have an Attack stat of 300, and similarly, the Modest-natured one would have an Attack stat of 270.

Every possible combination of increases and decreases (except to the HP stat) are in the natures. Using this mechanism, trainers can toy with the Pokemon to get exactly what nature they want. For example, the best nature for a Porygon-Z would be Modest, as Porygon-Z has no need of physical attack moves.

Additionally, for those interested in contests, natures also affect what kind of food the Pokemon they like and dislike. Each stat is matched with a flavor, which in turn is matched with a contest type:

Attack: Spicy - Cool
Defense: Sour - Tough
Special Attack: Dry - Beauty
Special Defense: Bitter - Smart
Speed: Sweet - Cute

For example: Adamant raises Attack, but lowers Special Attack. It likes spicy food, dislikes dry food, and therefore, if used in a contest, would best be suited for a Cool contest. (So don't throw away that Adamant Plusle just yet.)

(Additionally, for Emerald players, the natures also affect how the Pokemon performs in the Battle Palace. However, I am unsure of the mechanics in that field.)

There are 25 possible natures, and I shall arrange them by what stats they affect.

Note: The Neutral Natures are those which do not increase or decrease any stat.

Attack-boosting Natures
Lonely - lowers Defense
Adamant - lowers Special Attack
Naughty - lowers Special Defense
Brave - lowers Speed

Defense-boosting Natures
Bold - lowers Attack
Impish - lowers Special Attack
Lax - lowers Special Defense
Relaxed - lowers Speed

Special Attack-boosting Natures
Modest - lowers Attack
Mild - lowers Defense
Rash - lowers Special Defense
Quiet - lowers Speed

Special Defense-boosting Natures
Calm - lowers Attack
Gentle - lowers Defense
Careful - lowers Special Attack
Sassy - lowers Speed

Speed-boosting Natures
Timid - lowers Attack
Hasty - lowers Defense
Jolly - lowers Special Attack
Naive - lowers Special Defense

Neutral Natures

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