A Guide To Pokerus - By Bass

Pokerus are "tiny microscopic creatures" that latch onto Pokemon. Short for "Pokemon Virus" and first introduced in Generation 2, these Pokerus increase the amount by which stats are gained. I shall explain below.

The chances of one of your Pokemon becoming infected with Pokerus are slim to none, even rarer than the chance of finding a shiny. If your Pokemon has Pokerus, when it is healed at a Pokemon Center, the nurse will alert you of this. When a Pokemon first catches Pokerus, it will stay with the Pokemon for a full 3 days, and then never receive it again. When a Pokemon with Pokerus is in your party when you battle, the chance of it spreading to another party member is 1 in 3. If the Pokemon is deposited in the PC, the 3-day Pokerus clock is stopped. It will be unable to infect other Pokemon, but it will not lose the Pokerus either.

The effects of Pokerus are beneficial, despite its name. In Generation 2, the Pokemon with Pokerus battling gains double the Stat Experience per battle. (Stat experience was the precursor to Effort Values, or EVs.) In Generation 3 and onward, infected Pokemon gain double the normal EVs when battling (for example, battling a Gyarados would grant 4 EVs, instead of the normal 2). If a Power Item is in effect, the doubling of EVs is granted after the Power Item bonus (for example, battling a Gyarados with the Power Bracer would grant 12 EVs, which is (2+4)*2).

Because time does not function in FRLG, Pokerus will never go away in that game. You can still catch it and spread it as normal, but it will never go away.

(C) Bass - 1020