A Guide To Shiny Pokémon - By Bass

Shiny Pokemon (referred to commonly as "shinies") are immensely rare Pokemon that inhabit the Pokemon world. They are shown as having a different coloration than normal, and even sparkle once brought into battle. They were introduced in Generation 2.

Shiny Male lopunny

In the status window, there was a special indication, as well as its different color, to indicate it was shiny. In Generation 2, there was a sparkle icon next to the gender symbol. In Generation 3, there was a red star in the picture window, and the status window was a lighter shade than normal. In Generation 4, the red star remained, and the Pokedex number of the Pokemon in the Summary window was red instead of black.


In Generation 2, shiny Pokemon always had set DVs (that is, if a Pokemon had a certain amount of a DV for every stat, then it would be shiny). This set figure was normally 10, except in the attack stat (where there were multiple choices, including 10). This brought the chances of a Pokemon having this DV set to be 1 in 8192.


In Generation 3 and onward, shiny Pokemon were determined by a "shiny value". Every time a Pokemon was encountered, the game would generate a 16-bit number, from 0 to 65535, to determine shininess. Two of these numbers remained constant, and were determined by the trainer's ID number (one visible, and one invisible, called the secret ID). If the resulting value was less than 8 (that is, 0000000000000111 or lower), then the Pokemon was shiny. The chance of this happening was 8 in 65536, or simplifying, 1 in 8192, for consistency for generation 2.

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